How do I become a beta tester?

Get the beta version

You can download a beta version of the app via these channels:

GitHub releases

We publish all of our releases there. Beta versions are marked with a “Pre-release” label.

Play Store

You should be able to join the beta program using the Google Play Store app. Look out for the “Join the beta” section in K-9 Mail’s detail page.


Unlike stable versions, beta versions on F-Droid are not marked with a “Suggested” label. You have to manually select such a version to install it. To get update notification for non-suggested versions you need to check ‘Settings > Expert mode > Unstable updates’ in the F-Droid app.

Report bugs

To report bugs found in the beta version use K-9 Mail’s issue tracker on GitHub. Please make sure the bug hasn’t been reported before by searching existing issues, also one that have already been closed.

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