Beta: K-9 Mail 5.724

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed crash when trying to forward or reply to a message
  • Fixed crash when trying to compose a message from a search view
  • Fixed crash when message list couldn’t be loaded
  • Fixed crash when setting up an account didn’t work right away, e.g. wrong password was entered

Read the post “How do I become a beta tester?” to learn where to get the beta version.


Thanks a lot for fixing these bugs this fast!


I have crash problems with the previous version 5.723 when answering a mail. Please make the new version available also on f-droid. Downgrade doesn’t work, so I need this one.

Thank you.


Just got the new update on f-droid, and it is fixed. Thank you.

Issues with this version on Android 10 (Samsung UI 2.1)

  • When I use the Unified Inbox, the individual accounts do not refresh until I switch to any one of those accounts. Even then, each account must be refreshed manually.
  • Selecting “Hide Unified Inbox” in Account List does not result in the intended outcome.
  • When reopening the program, the Unified Inbox view reappears
  • Each Account has “Unify” deselected in Folder Settings

This one may not be a fault but rather just the result of me not knowing what I’m doing but…

  • K-9 does not auto-sync
  • in Accounts, K-9 Mail does not come up as an option when I select “Add Account”. Hence, I can’t assign “Auto sync data” to the program

Right now the list of accounts (including the Unified Inbox) isn’t updated when returning from the settings screen. You’ll have to close the message list screen by using the back button, then reopen the app in order for the changes to be visible.

K-9 Mail accounts don’t show up in Android’s system settings. You can configure auto-sync in K-9 Mail under Settings > [Account] > Fetching mail > Folder poll frequency.

Hi folks,
I just signed up to the beta version.

I like the new sidebar.
But from my 4 accounts i have added only 2 show up as circles in the upper part of the sidebar.

In the inbox view there’s the info missing what account you look at.
And the refresh botton is missing, even tho you can refresh by pulling down the finger on the screen.

And I’m still missing the “empty all trash” option!
If you are out all day getting (and deleting) emails on the phone, the deleted messages get downloaded again on the computer in the evening if they are still in the trash folder (logically).
A solution would be to have an “empty all trash” button on the sidebar so one does not have to empty every account manually before syncronizing the computer.

Else I like the K9 mail app!
I’m here to give you constructive feedback.
I hope you see it the same way…

Greetings from Spain and thanks!

The mini account switcher on top of the folder list only has room for three accounts (the one currently selected and the last two selected [or next two if none has been selected before]). You can expand the account list by tapping the downwards pointing triangle on the right [really anywhere in the account switcher area except for the account icons]).

Sounds like you don’t really want to use the Trash folder. You can delete messages permanently, i.e. without going through the Trash folder by setting Settings > [Account] > Folders > Trash folder to None.
The “Empty Trash” action is only available in the Trash folder. This is so users can check the folder contents to make sure there’s nothing in there they want to keep. Having an “empty all trash” action would require a “unified trash” folder to get the same “safety check”. But I don’t want to add a unified trash folder. So there won’t be an “empty all trash” option.

Thanks for your quick response!

Only room for three accounts?
I see plenty more…
If you don´t want to put more account circles, then at least keep the list open as default since every time i open the sidebar again, i have to open the account list.
Would this fit you…?

For the trash folders:
I see where you are coming from.
I do use the trash, but rather as a safety in case i delete the wrong email by accident so it´s not lost.
Else i never check before emptying since i can count on my earlier decisions, so whatever is deleted is deleted for a reason.

And what about this?
“In the inbox view there’s the info missing what account you are looking at.
And the refresh botton is missing, even tho you can refresh by pulling down the finger on the screen.”

Greetings :slight_smile: