Beta: K-9 Mail 5.740

Hopefully this will be the last beta version before a new stable version can be released.

Changes in this version:

  • Added an info screen when tapping the Push notification
  • Fixed a couple of crashes related to Push
  • Various small user interface fixes
  • Updated translations

Read the post “How do I become a beta tester?” to learn where to get the beta version.

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K-9 seems to open mails faster now on my phone. Until now there always was a noticeable delay between showing the mail header and the mail body.

Between 5.739 and 5.740 nothing has changed in K-9 Mail that could explain messages loading faster.

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Are there any outstanding tasks I can help with before the next stable release.
I looked in milestones, but not sure which milestone is applicable.

There are only a few non-coding tasks left. Mainly it’s giving translators a little bit more time to complete translations.
I expect to release 5.800 in the next couple of days. Aside from updated translations there shouldn’t be any changes compared to 5.740.