Beta: K-9 Mail 5.738

Changes in this version:

  • Inline attachments are now included in forwarded messages
  • Quick access to the “What’s new” screen when the app was updated
  • Close and reopen Push connections when the active network has changed
  • Fixed a bug that lead to Push not working properly
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Read the post “How do I become a beta tester?” to learn where to get the beta version.


Thanks for the update - unfortunately Push still keeps the device awake 100% :crying_cat_face:

Please record a debug log and open an issue in the issue tracker. See LoggingErrors · k9mail/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

After the update, no “What’s new?” snackbar was displayed. Should this happen?

@Bastelbursche There’s at least one bug that could be causing this. "What's new" snackbar might never be displayed · Issue #5396 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

OK, I’ve enabled Push again + debug logging … how long should I wait before pulling the log? I mean it’s not like it’s a crash or something that occurs instantly, the device just doesn’t go to sleep with Push enabled :woman_shrugging:

How do you know the device is not going to sleep?

My awake time was 5 hrs 10 min at 15:40 today when I enabled Push again - now it’s 17:00 (an hour 20 min later) and the Awake time is 6 hrs 20 minutes.

Those previous 5 hrs+ were from over 5 days uptime without Push enabled, so it’s clearly not sleeping much at all now. :cry:

In that case logging for 5 minutes is probably enough.

Too late lol, the log ran for an hour 10 - but I DID redact my email adress since that was visible in the output log.

New issue opened too - thanks for looking into it, let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for the quick fix @cketti - have a couple of beer or coffee on me, donation made via Paypal :blue_heart:

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