New beta: K-9 Mail 6.305

Changes in 6.304 (skip this one; it introduced a crash fixed in 6.305):

  • Allow unmasking the password field without authentication as soon as the original password in incoming/outgoing server settings has been overwritten completely
  • Don’t crash when IMAP servers send attachment names that contain non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed a bug where the search input field would collapse back into its toolbar icon while it was being used
  • Removed support for Direct Share because the app can no longer use the number of times a person has been contacted to make useful suggestions
  • More internal changes

Changes in 6.305:

  • Fixed a bug that could lead to a crash when opening the message list

Read the post “How do I become a beta tester?” to learn where to get the beta version.

K-9 Mail development is funded by user donations. If you want to see the app improved, please consider donating: K-9 Mail | Give to Thunderbird

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