New beta: K-9 Mail 6.308

Changes in 6.308:

  • Added swipe actions to the message list screen
  • Changed the minimum size of the message list widget to 2x2 cells
  • Fixed a bug where the app would start using the light theme before switching to the dark theme resulting in a brief flash of white
  • More minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated translations

Read the post “How do I become a beta tester?” to learn where to get the beta version.

K-9 Mail development is funded by user donations. If you want to see the app improved, please consider donating: K-9 Mail | Give to Thunderbird


Very cool with swipe actions. Could you add a pop up of sorts, which disappears after X seconds, that has an undo button?

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Thank you! This is a huge improvement, many of us have been waiting for a long time and it works well.

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