New beta: K-9 Mail 6.301

Changes in 6.300:

  • Added support for swiping between messages
  • Fixed multiple bugs when there are notifications for more than 8 messages
  • Fixed bug that could lead to broken attachment names when large messages were only partially downloaded (IMAP)
  • Added Western Frisian translation

Changes in 6.301:

  • Fixed crash when viewing a message and OpenKeychain needed to display its user interface, e.g. to ask for a password
  • When composing a message containing consecutive spaces convert them to non-breaking spaces in the generated HTML part of the message
  • Fixed bug where moving a message to another folder wouldn’t update the apps search index
  • Fixed small bug where not all cached values were removed when using “clear local messages”
  • Updated translations

Version 6.300 was only available for manual installation via GitHub. Due to a crash when using OpenKeychain that version wasn’t pushed to any of the app stores.

Read the post “How do I become a beta tester?” to learn where to get the beta version.

K-9 Mail development is funded by user donations. If you want to see the app improved, please consider donating: K-9 Mail | Give to Thunderbird