When can we have the 'Account Overview Screen' back?

I just upgraded to the new K9 mail client on my phone and I am really disappointed that there is no option to enable the old Account Overview Screen. I have searched this forum for answers and found that it was promised that the Account Overview Screen will be back in version 6.2.

Now my version seems to be 6.202 but I don’t see any option to enable the account overview screen and start the client with that screen.

Is there any info on when it will become available?

Thank you

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Outlying the plans for the next release, @cketti has not mentioned the account overview anymore.

So it won’t be in 6.400, and I wouldn’t get hopes up for 6.600, too.

The community just needs to keep pushing the issue. Otherwise, @cketti will conveniently “forget” about it. Or, as he would phrase it: Other more important issues keep coming up.


Also have a look at this thread where that feature is mentioned, too

He hasn’t and never had any intention of rectifying his misguided change of interface. He wanted an imitation of gmail, he’s got it and he’s happy now.

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Well, then I would like to remind him that me and many other users are not happy about it and that he made a promise about the account overview screen


Some coders never listen to the users.
The same has happened with the only coder of Litecoin, etc.

Great opportunities missed by conceited coders. That’s part of life and nature.

As a result of his insistence to not fix the accounts overview I seldom use k9 at all anymore and just use the Gmail app. Hubris like this is ridiculous, just fix the app like people have been asking for.

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Why isn’t the good old version forked and updated? The version still is on Guthub:

I installed v5.600 from F-Droid store. It’s only Google to keep whining for an update all the time, unfortunately.

So basically, now @cketti can blame it on Thunderbird. The account overview is dead for good.

As @cketti mentioned, people should move on to Fairmail. I want to add: Nine, R2Mail2.

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Nine is not being developed any more
The developers have moved on to a cloud based app called Re: work.

I have been using FairEmail since early release in 2018 and all I will say is “brilliant”.

Continuous development, incredible support and a kind , understanding human being at the helm!

Where does this information come from. All I can find on their website are two separate apps. No blog post or anything that Nine is being cancelled…

It has not been cancelled. The last update was on April 22,. I said it is not being developed any more. You can still use it if you like