K-9 Mail release schedule

Now that K-9 Mail is part of the Thunderbird family, is there going to be a more frequent release schedule, as there is with Thunderbird?

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Also, will there be an official roadmap for planned features and bug fixes?

Still in the pipeline is the “old account overview” (at least if I remember correctly it was planned for 6.200 and had been pushed out because of urgent OAuth2 implementations, but not mentionend for current Beta…)


Sadly, I think the whole OAuth problem was a welcome opportunity to “forget” about the account overview screen, hoping nobody would notice…

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@cketti Would it please be possible to have a response to this?

There’s still little more than one person working on the Android app. While we plan to hire another Android developer in the not too distant future, I don’t think it’s likely that the Android app will have a regular release schedule soon.

Including beta versions there have already been 18 releases this year. Is that frequency too low for you?

There’s a list of high level items: Android Roadmap - Thunderbird
I wouldn’t put much faith in the “Expected Delivery” dates.

The separate account overview screen is not a focus of the next release. I believe this needs a lot of design design work to make sure there’s a consistent user experience. Right now the work we do with the Thunderbird designers focuses on a message view redesign (because @ByteHamster volunteered to work on this). This will probably take some time and not make it into the next release.

The main features of the next stable release will be swipe between messages (already available in 6.3xx) and most likely “swipe to action” in the message list.


Thanks for your reply.

I have only recently switched to K-9 Mail from FairEmail, so was unaware of how many releases there have been this year. That frequency seems absolutely fine to me.

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What if (for now) you just added an extra option which (if checked) would (right at the app start) show the menu opened with the list of accounts?

I don’t think that would require any extra design.

e.g. the option name could be ‘Show menu with account list at app start’ under General Settings - Display

Currently when I start the app, it shows the emails of an account. To see the account list I need to click on the menu, then again on the upper part of the screen.
With the new option I could just start the K9 Mail app and the menu with the list of accounts could come up immediately without any extra clicking.

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@cketti When will the next beta version be released please?

A new beta version was just released today :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah im with you on that one. It would be nice to implement that in the ui. A button NEEDS to be added for ease of access to email lists and have it bootable on start of app or at least they adopt the approach thunderbird has and display the list of your emails in the sidebar

Im really enjoying the features so far though, you really cant complain. It might not be the prettiest email client but it sure does get the job done. Hope they maintain this app, but that depends on the amount of support this receives in the foreseeable future. HUGE THUNDERBIRD FANGUY here so inevitably, I had to give this a go :+1:. Nice job K9 team :clap:

@cketti It has been over a month since the last beta version was released. When can we expect the next one please?

What kind of answer do you expect? There’s no fixed release schedule. So a new version will be released when it’s ready.

You’ll know when it’s ready because that’s when a new version will have been released.


@cketti hasn’t lost his sense of humor after all these years😀

I was not expecting a date that is set in stone, just an indication of when the next release is likely to be available.

Why do you need a new release? Are you affected by a bug that is already fixed in the development version?

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Well, I think I get what you mean… but funny question. Why do you developers need a new release too? :wink: - Can’t we agree, that we all are excited about new features, improvements and bug-fixing? :slight_smile: (and maybe sometimes fear, that some things get worse with new versions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Funny question? Really?

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Asking for ETA (release date) has been frowned upon in the Android world forever. Devs + maintainers generally do this in their free time and asking “when update???” has always been considered rude.

If everything works then what’s the problme? I for one don’t have any bugs that need fixing, everything works as it should so I’m happy with k-9. Not to mention that it’s summer, vacation time for many people.

So just use it as is and be happy + surprised when an update comes :grin:


K-9 Mail is part of the Thunderbird family, and some of the devs are employed by them. There is a roadmap for K-9 Mail becoming Thunderbird for Android, and I was just interested in when the next release will be.