Account Picture - how to change (resolved)

Using 5.800

Just wondering how you change the image associated to an account?
I thought it may have picked up the contact in the phone that matches the email account, but changing these did nothing it seems.

I have 2 email accounts that seem to have grabbed the same image, bit confusing when tapping between accounts, the 3rd account has nothing.

Also how to add a photo in the same manner I guess, where I have one missing for the bottom account?

Many thanks, exciting to see such development.

Hmm, it should actually use the image from the address book entry that has the same email address. Maybe try force-stopping and restarting K-9 after changing the image?

Ahhh and as simple as that it is working.
Thanks that appears to have sorted it out :slight_smile:

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That means, if I maintain several e-mail addresses for me in the address book I will get always the same image?

I understand that this is the easiest way to determine an image for an e-mail, but as I (and from the other posts many others) are using K9 because they have more than one (i.e. many) e-mail address, this is useless for many of us.

I am a strong opponent of duplicates. So, I won’t create copies of myself in the address book for each e-mail address I am using.

Please create an optional way to maintain manually / override the default image.



Hello, I’m new to this forum, but I use K9 since many years.
I think new interface good, but need some improvements, as described in other parts in the forum.
But for account pictures, there is a big problem. As all the accounts are my accounts, all the pictures are rhe same ! Please could you modify this option to enable only color, or personnalised pictires we can choose.


I had the same problem so have created a new Google addressbook contact for each different email address eg etc etc and given each a different and relevant picture. Bit cumbersome but better than all accounts having same icon and far less confusing.


@Philippe_Mignard & @Garfield

I do not understand the issue here

If you have multiple email addresses, simply add a contact to your device with the picture you want, for each email address.
I had to swipe up / force close K9 and after that each separate email account shows a different picture as per each contact. Who cares what the contact is call it K9-1, K9-2 etc as long as you assign a different email to each.

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@ryannz exactly what for you is a no-brainer (creating a new address entry per e-mail) is a no-go for me and others.
An address entry is for me a unique entry: name, postal address, social security number,… and some e-mail addresses which are belonging to this unique entry.

And it looks like others share this point of view.
Maybe providing the opportunity to maintain / override the account picture will help us all.



Fair enough can see your point now.
Easier for me I guess with only 3 accounts and my not caring of unique entries (for now unless they can change and allow picture overrides).

Hi All! I have two account, the first one with the correct google account picture, the other one has no picture at all. The trick of stopping and restarting did not fix, so any other suggestion? Thank you

I have the same or further problem.

Even if I change it with an entry in the contact book the picture, it is only taken over in the list. It does not appear in the title bar.

If often the pictures of the mail accounts were not taken over immediately, a withdrawal of the authorization to the contacts helped. Starting the app and allowing permission again then showed success with the images.

Nevertheless, the first account is usually not displayed in the title bar.


Contact images are cached by the app. Killing the app and restarting should be enough to make K-9 Mail fetch the new image.

That may be so, but unfortunately not on my s10. With my mentioned detour it goes then also, since I love k9 mail, it is worth it to me to do this. Unfortunately, it does not help me with my problem that the image above is not displayed, no matter which way I take. Too bad that would be the golden point for the app, but could live without pictures even after years of use.

You’re doing a great job

I think I found the error?! It probably has something to do with the standard account. My above issue is always related to the default account. Maybe a hint to check.

I am in favour of changing the heading (Resolved). The problem still exists, even the answer “killing app and restart” does not solve the problem

Might be irrelevant but what app is everyone using for contacts?
Personally I use Google contacts and set picture for my contacts there.
That is with my Samsung S10.

Yes, just like me. Google contact book and with a Samsung S10. Only with the standard mail account is the image displayed in the list, but not in the heading. Just as it can be seen on the picture attached above. No matter what I try, the problem still exists. Maybe you have an idea.

Maybe a manual override of the image inside K-9 ignoring the proposal from the contact app would solve this for all of us


Got some new update, but images still missing

You can set your own userpicture in the settings of your email account (Gmail, Yahoo, whichever) - I explained how to do it HERE using Google/Gmail as an example. Works with Yahoo as well, other than that no idea which providers do/don’t have an option to set your own userpic.

Adding some extra information to the missing account picture issue which happened for me today with a new install of v5.807 on an Oppo phone, followed the various suggestions here, which didn’t resolve it, then re-edited the email adddress at, resynch’d Contacts from phone Settings, killed the K-9 Mail app from phone Settings and the problem was resolved.

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