Account image not showing in header of side drawer

The developer is trying so hard and has improved K9 greatly, but a small bug has not been improved in three more updates.

For each mail account, an entry can be created in the contact book, from which the account image is then transferred. This works quite well so far. I have already pointed out several times that the image from the default account only appears in the list, not in the heading. Maybe with the next update.

Great work

For your own pictures/accounts it doesn’t pull them from your contacts but from your email accounts - whichever picture you’ve set there will be used as your account picture in K-9.

My email accounts are all listed under the same contact, but all have individual pictures set in those account settings.

Where is the icon setting in the account? I have been looking for it without any luck and would really love to update account icons.

Google/Gmail as an example - go to

Right at the top you’ll see you profile picture (or probably an empty space for it if you have none set). Click on it (on the PC, not sure about on your phone) and then you can select a picture as your avatar.

It concerns the individual mail addresses and their image. Even “cketti” has described how to do it.

And there is the error. I can’t configure a GMX account in Google

I will certainly not store all my mail addresses with google just to have a contact picture. It also has to work the way the developer thought it would. The description is in the links.

@Louwy: What you’re experiencing is not a general problem. As you can see e.g. in the screenshot posted by Nimueh, the account image is properly displayed in the header section of the side drawer.

Of all the bugs that have been reported after the 5.800 release, an account image not showing up properly for one user doesn’t exactly make this a high priority issue to fix. And without being able to reproduce the problem there’s little chance for us to quickly find and fix the bug anyway.

Then go to the GMX account settings page to configure the picture, I did it in Yahoo for my 2 different Yahoo accounts too. If GMX doesn’t have an option to set a profile/account photo then that’s nothing K-9 can fix or be responsible for.

Even if you could not reproduce the error I mentioned, it is still there. I didn’t expect or demand that you only care about my problem. You certainly have better things to do. It should also be understood more than a suggestion that you might take a look. I am very grateful that you put so much work and effort into K9, and that I can use it for free. You should be happy.

I didn’t even think about profile pictures before the latest version, I was also very satisfied with the different colors. I will continue to be very satisfied in the future if K9 continues to work so well. And even without profile pictures.

I have a question, does a standard account have to be selected for K9 to work? Maybe without a standard account you could see if the error is gone. Please keep in mind that I have no experience with app development, so I don’t know if it’s even possible or how much work it does. I leave only one thought

Believe me, if it worked via GMX, I wouldn’t stop you from doing anything meaningful here. But I don’t understand why I should configure something elsewhere if “cketti” has given an app internal guidance for it, and the developers have provided this feature in K9.

But I also tried it via GMX, but it still doesn’t work

Nor has anyone claimed that K9 is responsible for not displaying the profile picture from the GMX account. That’s what you insensible to me. You left a hint as to how it could work. As I said, could. I am grateful to you for that, but it is still provided for in K9. If there is then an error in K9, I can, as it is planned here in the forum, point out this error and possibly get a solution.

I’m just waiting to see what the future updates do. Maybe it will work for me too.
Wish you a nice weekend


I have found a small clue. I have entered all mail accounts in my address book and assigned them their profile pictures. As I expected, again a picture was not displayed. Whether it’s the default account or not. But after I selected a different color for the mailbox in the “General Settings”, everything was displayed pefectly. Until the next launch of the app.

The next time you opened the app, several profile pictures were no longer displayed in the overview. Every time I changed mailboxes, other pictures were no longer displayed. Really funny and a little curious.

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That’s an interesting observation, good catch! What happens if you go to the Android settings screen and clear the cache (not data!) of K-9 Mail? Does it then display the account image correctly when restarting the app? Only the first time or maybe even always?

Didn’t leave me any peace, had to test your hint right away. Unfortunately without success. Curious, in the list all pictures were displayed, in the headline was none at all.

Thanks for the detailed response.

When you suggested changing the icon in the account, I thought you meant the account settings within K-9 Mail.

Only one third of my accounts are Gmail Accounts. One of them displays the Gmail account avatar. The other does not. It uses the image associated with my address book entry for myself.

Since several of my account emails are in that contact, I wind up with the same icon on both personal and work accounts. I also have one work account that defaults to a generic silhouette icon.

I haven’t experimented yet with adding a contract for the alternate work email or splitting the personal engels out top a separate contact.

Assigning my preferred icons is a relatively minor thing, and while it would be nice to set them from within K-9 Mail, if I can make it work within the confines of the application’s current capabilities, I expect that will be sufficient.