What's up with K-9 Mail?

We’ve just published the blog post “What’s up with K-9 Mail?” to give a short update on the state of the project.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to post them here.


Good to hear K9 is not dead. Now I’m excited and can not wait to upgrade to a new stable version.

After reading your blog post, I got a few questions and it would be great if you could answer them:

  • Will it be possible to upgrade without the need to reconfigure existing accounts?
  • You mentioned that some features will be dropped. Which features would that be? Fingers crossed you do not drop support for PGP.

Hi dirdi

Yes, within reason. We did remove support to upgrade from versions 5.301 and older (released 2017-10-15).

It’s mostly smaller, rarely used features. The big one is not being able to set up new WebDAV accounts. We didn’t remove support for WebDAV entirely. Importing a WebDAV account will still work. Also, upgrading from an older version with a WebDAV account already set up. But WebDAV users should prepare to either move to a different app or change the protocol they’re using to fetch their emails.
We’ll compile a complete list when we’re getting closer to a new stable release.

We did not remove OpenPGP support and have no intention of doing so.

Nice to get to know that things are moving forward. I joined the beta and will report if I experience any bugs.

Meanwhile, it would be great if you double check GitHub issues. There is a bug which I would like to fix but didn’t here aanything back on GitHub (and it’s also present in the beta). Here is the comment:

P.S. Consider adding a BitCoin or Etherium donation address to the README.

Sorry, I’ve answered now. But you have probably noticed that there are a lot of open issues. We are not enough developers to deal with all of them right away. So we need to prioritize.
The easiest way for us to provide feedback is if you propose a solution to a problem you’re having with the app. Either as a pull request if the change is reasonably small (so you don’t waste a lot of time in case we think there’s a better approach to fix the issue), or as a new issue outlining how you intend to fix a problem.


Great to hear that the project is still alive!
Especially after my Android upgraded automatically to a new release.