Sync issues with version 5.600

I am seeking help with K-9 v5.60.
Shortly after I bought my Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014, I installed K-9 Mail, and have enjoyed its ease of use and ability to handle email addresses from four different domains.
Recently I upgraded to a Galaxy S20 and, since then, am experiencing the dreaded “syncing disabled”. I’ve tried several work-arounds–stopping K-9, clearing the cache and restarting, and several Android settings, but I haven’t found a lasting fix. I’m using Android 10 and K-9 v5.60
In searching the internet I see that v5.725 is pretty stable. If I find and download it, will it replace/upgrade v5.60, or must I install it as a new App? Would it be better to wait for an update for v5.60 to be released?
I would appreciate any information or help.
Bob Robertson

When I still used 5.6 I fixed the “syncing disabled” issue by setting up polling to check every 60 minutes. If you disable polling you’ll get that sync issue.

If you don’t need instant email notifications then I suggest updating K9 - and yes, it will simply update your existing install. Then just set the polling to what you need (15 minutes is the lowest) and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

Are you saying that if I find and download and install a newer version it will just replace and update my current version?

I’m checking email from four different domains and I’d rather not have to set up the accounts again.

Would you suggest getting the new version from Google or F-Droid?

I appreciate the help.


Bob Robertson

Yes - it’s an update and doesn’t delete anything, at least it didn’t for me lol.

And why F-Droid or any other site? Get it from where k9 is released: :sunglasses:

Getting K-9 Mail from an app store has the advantage that you’ll automatically get updates. This is very useful, especially since newer beta versions often fix bugs introduced in previous beta versions.

The releases in Google Play and F-Droid are signed by different keys. This means you can’t switch from one to the other without uninstalling the app. To get the beta version use the store you installed K-9 Mail from previously.

Thanks for the reply!

If I understand you, since I’ve downloaded every version I’ve used, right up to 5.60 from Google Play, I should download the Beta from there.

When I download the Beta, will it replace 5.60, or install as a new APP?

I’m still trying to understand that.



The beta will replace K-9 Mail 5.600.


I’ve just clicked the link to join Bata so I can see the Beta versions.

I just “updated” and I’ve lost my setup.

I usually display five accounts, and could select from the list.

Now I have a unified inbox and can’t find my other setup.

Is there any way to fix this?


Please create a new topic since this is a different issue. Also, please include more information on what you mean by “lost my setup”. What do you expect to happen and what are you seeing instead? Maybe include a screenshot.

After several hours of trying unsuccessfully to configure 5.725 I uninstalled it and reinstalled 5.60, which is working satisfactorally.

I’m going to wait for the next update.