Seriously, Why Remove Account Overview?

Subject says it all, why remove such a simple feature used by so many and then double down and refuse to replace it? Makes no sense to me…

I realize I can open the account switcher and collapse the folders to essentially see all my accounts with number of unread messages, but that doesn’t help me manage my starred emails.

The best part of the account overview screen was the displayed number of unread AND starred emails coupled with the ability to tap either number to see a view filtered to exactly those messages.

I star important emails or ones I’ll need in the future, and I periodically review the list to follow up or clean, but now I think my only option is to open an inbox (or unified inbox) and sort by starred to put them up top.

If there’s another way to quickly filter to starred message, let me know. I never expected K9 to release a deal breaker version for me…


Same to me.
For more than 10 years I started with this great overview. Poor option looking for a new e-mail client.


Yep, another app to replace this broken one, anyone ?


same to me. i want the account overview back.
K9 Mail is my main mail app since a couple of years and i loved the account overview with all unread messages and marked one. Please give back this feature.
gladly also as a selection which view one would like to have


I fully agree.

Please restore the one touch filter to show either

  • All mails
  • Unread mails
  • Starred mails

Yes, we need the account overview back.


The unified mailbox doesn’t replace the accounts summary at all. I get MANY emails from several support accounts and the unified box humbles all the different locations into an unreadable mess. Having to switch From account to account is slow and cumbersome. If it’s going to stay its a deal breaker for me, and I’ll look for another mail app to install on all our mobile devices.


Absolutely. The removal of the account overview on app opening is a serious defect.


I don’t usually pile on to a subject when it seems like my viewpoint has already been said by multiple people, but I definitely feel the time is right here.

I appreciate all the work devs do, quite often unacknowledged and thankless, and want to point out there are many things I like about the new UI, but the new update completely destroys workflows for anyone who uses K9 across many roles. Managing IT for two organizations plus my personal mail, I certainly do not want my chocolate mixed with my peanut butter. I chose K9 and have used it for as long as I’ve owned an Android phone (~10 years) because it was the best app for the job in a sea of options that didn’t cater to my needs.

I sincerely hope that account view is restored as an OPTION for our use-case. I’ve been quite please with all your efforts so far, it would be a shame to sour this relationship over the simplest of UX choices.


I agree with you all. Restore the one-touch filters for read, unread and starred. How else can we delete the Spam each day? Individually selecting over 200 E-mails a day is NOT an option.


Yes, the new UI is AWFUL!
There should be an option to give us that previous view.
Is there a way to revert to the previous version?
Also looking for a new app to replace this sad mess.


Luckily before updating app I did go here and read about this mess. No reason to update for me when useless/must have feature removed.

p.s. I have disabled automatic updates for apps long time ago, becouse countless times I have expererienced that more new is not always the best. There is some app that I will never update. K-9 might be one of them if dev will ignore its users wishes. :neutral_face:


On top of being a decision that kills the app, like this thread starter said there seems to be a stubborn pride in not bringing it back however we ask about it, with a sadistic silence regarding the reason why.
Like many I subscribed uselessly to this forum to get the overview back only to read from support :
“No. You won’t have it back”




Sérieusement, pourquoi supprimer la liste des comptes et les checkboxes alors que C’EST POUR CA que l’on a toujours été fidèle à K9??? :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
Retour à la version 5.6… en attendant de trouver mieux…

Seriously, why deleting account list and checkboxes? That’s why we prefered K9! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
Back to v5.6 … waiting for better mail client…

You can click the contact icons

One more voice here crying out in the darkness in pain over the loss of what was K9 Mail’s most useful feature: the account overview screen, accessible by tapping “back” from any inbox.

that was the beauty of it. if you were reading a message “back” took you back to the folder list and then “back” again took you to the account overview list. no different gestures, no taps elsewhere on the screen, it was immediate.


Just downgrade and you’ll get it all back. Then disable auto-update on your device.

I’m trying FairEmail. I just downloaded it. I’ll let you know what I think after a few days.

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Knowing the old version will never be updated again has been the kick in the butt I needed to move on. Using the old version feels like kicking the can down the road, but that’s what I’ll do until I find a good replacement.