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Is there no search option for folders in the new version? I have hundreds of folders and it is quite impossible to find them by scrolling? Hopefully I only did not find the feature up to now.



I also would like to search in folders: I have an IMAP server with all my mails organised by topic over the past 20 years and scrolling is a big issue…
The old version allowed search, the new one not and makes navigation quite difficult.


We also need the facility to search to reach folders. K9 will be pretty unusable if we can’t find old emails among our hundreds of folders.


You can still search in all folders by pressing the 3-dot button on the search screen and selecting “search everywhere”.

Thanks; but it is not about searching “in” folders. It is a need to search to navigate to a folder and find what has been stored in it.


Searching everywhere brings a huge number of useless results.
I think that searching for a folder name is important for all the more advanced (but not that much) users

Also, why searching for an email if I know that it’s within the 30 most recent ones, provided I’m looking at the correct folder?

+1 for bringing back some possibility of searching for a folder and opening it.

The manage folders still has the “folder-search” option (“folder name contains”).
but it gives you only the folder settings of the folder found, without the possibility to open the folder (oder did i miss something)?

A quick solution for the missing “folder-search-option” could be an “open this folder”-button on the Folder-Settings-Page.

For a longterm solution the integration of the folder-search-option in the new main ui would be great.

But I really would appreciate a quick solution, as I really need the folder-search (having several hundreds of folders on my mail-archiv-account).


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Hi all
Am I missing something here? folder searching seems to be present …if you bring up your account overview which shows the folders on the left hand menu, tap on “Manage Folders” then top right of there is a search button…

Does this not do what you are asking?

No, please read the posting above yours. In the manager you can only set folder options after searching, but you can’t change to the folder to see the emails in that folder (or we do not see how to do it).




ahh I see your point now, bad reading on my part

Hi Ryannz,

yes, folder search is present, exactly as you describe it.
But it “only” gives you the Folder Settings Page and no way to OPEN the folder.
And that’s what I’m absolutely missing (having several hundreds of folders in on of my accounts).

A good quickhack might be adding a “open folder”-button to the Folder Settings Page.

Integrating the same folder search somewhere on the “main page” would be great.
Or changing the handing in the mange folders view to

  • short click = open
  • long click = settings
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Does anybody know if developers are reading here? Is there a general “wish list” thread or another site where we should ask for the feature?



I also have more than 1000 folders. A search option on the account page to quickly switch to a specific folder would absolutely be very usefull to me.
I also really miss this feature.

With kind regards,


I am also interested in this feature. As other users already mentioned, there are hundreds of folders and without the search function it is impossible to find them without a huge effort of scrolling and manual searching.


I would say this is a serious topic. Why is there not also a serious answer from the programmers after all this time for such so basic functionality?

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I have opened an issue on github for that problem:

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Hello Support,

Do you have any idea if and when you will look to this issue from Dieter_Baurecht?

With kind regards,

Hi Harold,

K-9 Mail is a non-commercial open source project. There is no support team. This is a user forum where users help each other.

The answer for when a feature will be implemented or when a bug will be fixed is always the same and it’s a very unsatisfying one: when it’s done.
K-9 Mail doesn’t have a huge team, there’s no detailed roadmap, there’s never enough time to get to all important issues, and priorities are shifting all the time. So, even if we gave you a date, it would be very unlikely it would have anything to do with reality.

That being said, I consider this to be one of the more important issues.


Hello I use now K9mail since almost 10 years I have around 500 folders for my job. From the new major version in 2021 we cant search anymore a folder to navigate to and its a big shame it was so easy before… and it seems i am not alone to request that function. Please developers team can you add again that function we use it so many times…

We develop also software for customers and i don’t understand why developers remove usefull function which were working so good…

Thanks you

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