Old presentation

hello I have version 5.800, I want to find the old presentation while keeping this update. how to do ?

I really need to retrieve the messages at the same time and see all the mailboxes at once. Not by selecting each box. Thanks for your help. Phil


Came exactly for this.
I have multiple accounts and some of them are much less important than others. Old view allowed me to see if there are emails in important boxes and maybe check or ignore less important/more_spammy_ones.
Now I am forced to switch through all boxes to check them (unified box does not help since spammy boxes will burry important emails).
Once out of work will create bug report to fix this if there is no fix right now.


hello and thank you for your reply.
If I understand what you are telling me there is no solution at the moment.
That’s right?

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No, I am just saying that I have same problem.

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That seems to be the “official” solution:

Downgrading is not really a solution. New version needs “grouped unified inbox”.

The account overview page still shows the unread count of all accounts. To see it, open the side bar and press the downwards arrow next to the account name.

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To see unread count:
Open app to see all my accounts and unread ammount
Click refresh if needed
Open app
Use other hand to touch top left
Wait for side bar to show up
Use other hand to touch top left again.
How do I force refresh of them all now?

Now to check what emails is in which box instead of

  1. Click on inbox
  2. Click back
  3. goto 1
    I have to do much more clicking.

Yes app is much prettier now but usability is gone.

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Pull down in the account switcher

Ok. That works. I hate gesture controls but that is ok. Problem of way to many clicking back and forth remains.
If this account switcher could be used as “unified inbox” (which would basivally be old ui just fancy) it would solve my problem

Cette version est complètement nulle.
Merci de revenir à la version précédente, sinon, je trouverai une autre appli pour mon courrier.

Fifi86000 was answering the support lousy answer, not yours

Hab mich nur angemeldet um mich zu verabschieden, solche clients wie K9 inzwischen aussieht gibts genug.
So long, war lange Jahre sehr gut, jetzt nichtmehr.

That does work, however I want the k9 app to have the ability to default to the account list like it did before this update. Having to go thru the extra steps to get back what I need is no bueno

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Exactly, it’s form over function now. I liked the account list, I could quickly scan the counts and open whichever one I needed to see. Now there are extra steps, that are unnecessary. It should be pretty simple to have an option to start with the account list on top.


I second that. Using multiple accounts/inboxes with the new GUI is a real PITA! The old initial view should
come back at least as an option.

Agree with others here:

I have one account that gets time sensitive alerts related to customers servers being down, and another used for customer contact (and 4 other accounts that are much less important).

Being able to keep the account list on the screen while my phone was in my dock while driving meant that I could see which accounts got email, and decide if I needed to pull over and deal with them. The new style looks good, but breaks this important feature.

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Me too! I definitely want the old interface of defaulting to all accounts, or at least an option to set that as the default.

Given, that there are so many github releases, does anybody know, which version was in playstore before?

last official release was v5.600

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