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Dear developer!

I would like to joy the “affray” over the “account” screen.

Like many I have used K9 for years and would be happy to pay for it…today loaded the latest version on a Note20 for testing and was very, very disapointed.

For the developers PLEASE can you resolve the following issues, as I have had to revert to an older version.

The “account list” screen as in above comments is vital. Like others I have many accounts on our mail server and need to instantly see which account they are coming in to (like private, public, junk etc)

The sync times have been completely messed up - the most frequent available is to check every 15 minutes for pop3 - this is far, far too long for anyone in business - the old method of every 5 minutes was not frequent enough (my office checks servers every 2 minutes) and 15 minutes is way too long.

Please bring back the “manual check” feature that seems to have vanished, so you check for new mail immediately - not sure where or why that has gone.

Lastly and more important, why have you gone for version 5 of Android and above when all the GREAT 'phones run Kit Kat - we have a “fleet” of Note 3 phones and the yhave the best contrast and screen of any 'phone we have every tried - but when rooted they can not be updated to Android 5 (a poorer version) or anything else.

Sorry for the moans on a free app, but as said, more than happy to pay for this if working again!

p.s. You asked for the reason we want this screen - well here goes - very simple - honest!

I run mail servers and have multiple mailboxes for specific purposes - here my email is @x.com which is server forwarded to “work” mailbox. Personal messages go to say “private” mailbox etc. etc. This allows the server to sort messages. For online shopping I create mail forwarders to say “shopping” mailbox.

On the original screen I an tell immediately from which mailbox is showing the email where it came from and its purpose - easy and simple - same as early versions of Thunderbird. With over 300 emails a day coming in, very few junk mainly work, this sorting makes life very easy…Open the personal or business ones immediately, leave the shopping until more time and so on. With a unified inbox you can not even see which account they went into!!! hence the need.

Please see comment on sync timings as well

Many thanks

Otherwise has always been a great app.

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sorry - duplicate - posted in wrong message!

This. Here. Major UI changes always hurt and it is the reason I hold my breath every update. Even though k9 is now shinier, functionality plummeted. At least give us the option to keep it on one mailbox between sessions, now it defaults back to the unified view every session. I have 4 mailboxes and one of them I check every week. The dedault unified also merges work and play email accounts- some of us want to keep them separate. Thanks for considering this.

If you disable the unified inbox, it will show the account selected as default account after startup

I absolutely agree with you Robert_Lee

I went back to the old version 5.600