No Notification LED anymore

for awhile now I don’t get any LED notifications anymore when I receive a new email. I get the the sound but the Notification LED doesn’t blink anymore. I’m not sure when it stopped working but it could be since december where I got a small EMUI UI update.
I checked with a friend and under the account settings of one email account under notifications he had the item “LED blink” (1to1 translation from german to english). However I don’t have this option.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro
EMUI 11.0.0

K-9 Mail:

Update to the latest Beta, then you’ll have that setting again.

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If I install the Beta manually, will the next stable version be installed automatically from the playstore when it is available?

I would join the beta on Google Play instead of downloading it from GitHub. That’s probably easier.

Joining the beta will give you access to all stable and all beta releases. When you leave the beta again, you will first stay on the beta release that you are running. Only when the next stable release is then later released, it will update to that one.

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To join the beta program I would have to use another google account. Or uninstall my current stable K9 version and then install the beta version.
Is that correct or am I missing something?
If I join the beta program, is it possible to install the stable versions only and if something is not working correctly to then install beta versions?

No, you don’t need another Google account and you do not need to uninstall. (when you got the app from Google Play in the first place)

You could join the beta and then directly leave it once you have the update. Then you only get that beta release and later updates are stable again.

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@ByteHamster Thank you for your patience. I was able to join the beta program.

@Nimueh Now I have the feature again, however it is grayed out (disabled). For example I can’t change the selected color.
More importantly the notification LED is still not lighting up on new messages.

I can only speak for my devices that have LEDs (OP 3 and OP 5T, both running RR 10) and both of those have the option working. Maybe it’s an EMUI limitation then, no idea there - sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

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The user experience isn’t great right now. You first have to enable the notification light in the system screen to configure notifications, only then can you change the notification light color inside K-9 Mail.

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@cketti I’m not sure what exactly you are meaning with
“You first have to enable the notification light in the system screen to configure notifications”.
If you mean to enable the notification LED in general, naturally I already have it enabled. Other apps use the notification LED.

“only then can you change the notification light color inside K-9 Mail”
I don’t want to change the LED color in the first place. By mentioning that LED color option is grayed out I wanted to express that the LED notification still seems to be disabled.

On my test device the screen to configure the “Messages” notification category looks like this:

The “Blink light” option needs to be enabled before K-9 Mail will allow you to change the notification light color (until then the setting is grayed out).

Some device vendors seem to ship modified Android versions that won’t allow you to enable the notification light. Some don’t even allow you to configure a custom notification sound.

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I have no such settings menu in the “system settings”. If I want to enable the notification LED and choose the color, I have to conifg that in the specific app, e.g. WhatsApp or Threema (both instant messengers).

However system-wise I have one switch under notifications where I can en/disable the notification LED in general.

I just tested the Beta on my S7 and it seems to be the same: option to select LED color is disabled - but color is set (maybe still from pre 5.8xx version).
So far I cannot enable LEDs :frowning_face:. Will try further to find such setting

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I also only find a global LED enable/disable setting which is enabled and for other apps I can perfectly set notifications, e.g. Signal or Threema.

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Should it work now with latest beta? I tried but do not seem to get LED notifications although I have now enabled and set specific LED color for an account in that beta:

Did you update to K-9 Mail 5.911 and then changed the notification light color under Settings → [Account] → Notifications → Notification light?

@stphn It works for me now. Although I would have missed the change without the notification of your new message.
I didn’t have to change any settings in the android settings. However the notification LED option was disabled in K9 settings. By choosing a color there the LED works again now.

Yes, updated and enabled the LED notification. (Was set to disabled before).
And it seems that now also the vibration is no longer working for me.
Will try a bit longer but for now it seems to be worse than before for me.

Ok, it does not seem to work for me with 5.911: neither LED (I have enabled it, was disabled before) nor vibration ( worked before, set to default).

@cketti : I guess I need to send a log file for further help to you? Is there a different way to export log than to use adb for it? If I remembler correctly there was a PR for that? Is that integrated in Beta version? If I need to use adb then it might take some time as I have no working computer at the moment…