Nice to have : Optional feature to see directory tree by default at launch

K9 Mail with Thunderbird it’s a good idea but for now, I’m using FairMail because is open source and VERY friendly.

For exemple, when I start FairMail I directly see the directory tree (left on attached picture) and I can see the quantity of unread mail by directory (green number)

When I start K-9 Mail I directly see this the mail list (not the best solution for me) and I must to open the directory tree by drag from left :frowning: Also, the directory list on K-9 Mail is very poor and uncomfortable (the word “INBOX” is repeated unnecessarily.

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Existed up until 5.7xx Beta began and since been requested to return multiple times. Was originally planned for 6.200, but was postponed due to the urgent OAuth issue with Google.

When you opened an account from the overview, either a specified folder’s contents, or the folder list would display (depending on the auto-expand setting).

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