Accounts overview screen

Please bring back the accounts overview page.
When you have several email accounts that’s the only way to clearly see what’s coming in and where.
(Please don’t say the tiny color bar is doing that)

If it’s not broken why fix it ?

I read you don’t intend to bring it back ?
Why ?

If you don’t want to bring it back, there’s no reason for me to use this.

People, any recommendations for other apps ?


same to me. i want the account overview back.
K9 Mail is my main mail app since a couple of years and i loved the account overview with all unread messages and marked one. Please give back this feature.
gladly also as a selection which view one would like to have


The same for me, only 3 accounts are displayed for fast switching, I need 5 now and more in future.

Combined inbox is not a thing for me, needing to distinguish between the accounts properly.


Same here. I am super displeased with this change. I’ll switch to a different client if this is the new norm.


Same here, why to have removed the old interface with multiple mail display? That was really a great feature!!!


Same for me. Please bring back the old interface displaying all accounts in one view.
Does anyone know another mail app offering this feature?

Downloaded and installed version 5.600 which offers the account overview.
I hope, the next upcoming release will bring back the overview.


+1 from my side. Needed feature.


Same. Why removed the old interface with multiple mail display? That was really a great featur. Bring it back.


Same here. If this remains the new interface i will switch tot another app. Which is a pity after using k9mail for over 5 years. Do you need a contribution to persuade you?


Some for me :frowning: please, add this feature back…


I think and feel the same way. I know, that the app is supported by volunteers. But this function was so great. I have 6 different mail accounts each with different alias before the domain. So the old look, which was appearing the account overview right after starting the app was such a big help to organize my daily contacts.

Now, i must start the app an click on the top layer between the symbols of the 3 accounts shown, for to get the overview. But it doesn’t look likely. I’am not amused with it and hope that you bring back the main account overview soon as possible.

Thank you!
You have done a great job with the K9 app, its just about this little “thing” which we all miss together.


Yea, imo this was the distinguishing feature of K9, to remove that is just making it like all the other email apps. Sure the new UI looks nice but that’s irrelevant if it kills usability. I downgraded until the overview comes back (in K9 or any other email app). Lost all settings in the process, too…


I’ve been using k9 for many years now, k9 is simply the best email client there is :slight_smile: But since the removing of the account list the usability (at least for my use case) is way worse now.

I have many email accounts. Some of them a “noisy”, some not. Some of them are very important, some less. Some I check weekly, some multiple times per day. Some are in a foreign language. With the unified inbox now the important emails go under in the “noisy” unified email list. It’s like mixing different levels of abstractions in programming, it does not make sense at all (for my use case).

My question is, did you think about this use case / is there a new workflow or setting to make the app usable again? Right now I have to click much more in the app and check each email account separately …

Another use case: separating personal and business emails - at least this has to be a very common use case.


Why was the email list view removed? The unified mailbox makes it impossible to know which email box I’m looking at. I keep my email boxes separate and don’t want to mix them up as each serves a different function.

Will have to start looking for a different mail client.


Hi, the remove of the Account overview ist a big step backwards. It adds an extra step for every Account to check the basic infos. (new/read emails…)
Did your UI-Experts leave?
I hate it! I hate it so much, that i registered an account in this forum only to post this message. Total waste of time…
Please bring the overview screen back asap.


same for me, registered only to get back:

account overview on startup
shortcut to starred Mails
vibration patterns
notification led color
swipe interactions

love(d) k9 for more than 10 years.


Is there a way to change the shown logos of the different accounts or can just the color be setup?
Would be nice to add a logo/picture instead of just a colored symbol showing a user…


See Account Picture - how to change (resolved)

La mise à jour est une horreur.
Pourquoi n’y a-t-il plus moyen d’avoir un visu sur l’ensemble des comptes?
Quel dommage. On se croirait dans Gmail.


same for me. I want the account overview back.