K-9 Mail is back (5.800 release)

This is the comment thread for the blog post K-9 Mail is back.



Google Play: available
F-Droid: available
APK: available on GitHub (can’t update versions installed from F-Droid)


Thanks for the tip about beta testers getting it immediately. I got it. :tada: Congratulations on the new release!


Congrats, this is amazing :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball::yellow_heart:! Thank you for the continued development!


Thanks Cketti and everyone who made this happen. Really cool to see


How do I go back to previous version. I hate this navigation layout on 5.8 and lack of one screen accounts list


is there a recommended way to keep up to date with the latest stable?

looks like f droid, although updated 3 days ago, is still on 5.740

the apk from github won’t give notifications and is a manual process even more cumbersome than fdroid.

and play store is google (a big issue for those who rather not google) not to mention slow to update.

seems like the beta tester will be the best channel, given all compromises and issues, if i just want to keep up to date with the latest stable. is that right?!


Hi guys,
a good programmers rule is "just because you can you dont have to do it". I dont know if the majority of users is using only one eMail account with K9mail.
I am using several and your new design of the GUI forces me to make 5+ (in words FIVE or more) taps on buttons before I can see my first received eMail.
The old style was for users like me much much much easier to use.

I agree with StuartM.
This is not an improvement!


To me the damage is permanent as far as K-9 is concerned.
I used k-9 until around 1 month ago when I found something better (fairmail).
I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve with this, but the fact that app has been available on google play while not having been maintained for years, exposing users to security risks, huge bugs (which led to long unanswered threads) means for me at least that I’m never going to touch K-9 Mail again.
So the news is rather embarassing, to be honest. I’d have distanced myself as much as possible from this project, if I were a K-9 developer and I’d have at least changed the name.

So, no, there’s nothing thank for.


If you make such an accusation you should provide some evidence. I haven’t been informed about any security bugs in K-9 Mail 5.600.
I get that you’re angry. But please don’t try to sell your perception about the security of the app as a fact.



trying to install this update crashes my Moto G8 Plus with Android 10.
It forces a reboot of the Phone.


Sorry to insist on this, but any idea why f-droid is not getting the latest release? Is it just too slow to build new releases or could something have gone wrong? Is there any way to see the build queue/results/status for a particular release?

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These are questions for F-Droid. They build and sign the app themselves. They’re not usually fast. 2-3 days between updates is not unusual.

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I’ve used K9 for nigh on 10 years now and have always loved it… Like a true K9 friend it’s been loyal and dependable throughout, which is partly why I feel so disappointed with the 5.8 release… I’ve only been using it 10 minutes and already found two highly undesirable features - the action bar being at the top of the screen and permanent notification when configured for push notifications. I always try and be constructive with feedback but it’s hard to find a positive angle to add here and so will just be honest and say I’m not keen! (Truth be told these could be showstoppers and so I might end up looking elsewhere and mark the end of an era. I won’t be so crass as to ask for recommendations here though!)


That’s a requirement by Google to be able to still upload updates. You can hide the useless notification without affecting other K-9 notifications. For details, just click the notification.

Thanks @ByteHamster for the reply and suggestion but I’d read the push guidance page but it seems it might be written for a newer version Android than what I’m running (7.0) as I don’t get the granular notification control described; all I get is the ability to disable all notifications from K-9 which then removes the instant notification for new mail. I’ve basically got all or nothing.

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Just seeing the new version. I see you can drag down on a folder to force a poll, but how do you get it to poll all folders?

Same mechanism. Pull down the list of folders in the side drawer. Same thing works on the list of accounts.

I have multiple email accounts and not using the Unified Inbox. I am having the following issues with the new version:
Accounts Overview: it is very hard to reach: when in Inbox (or other) folder, i have to tap the menu, then the space between the colored icons in the top row. Only now I see the full list of accounts, together with number of unread emails. When I select another account, I then still need to tap Inbox or the Back button to see the list of messages. So, switching accounts used to be two trivial taps (Back, then select account in Account Overview and land immediately in its Inbox) is now four careful taps all over the place.
Folder Display: the account colors are gone – I can no longer see what account I’m looking at (again, this is an issue just for those not using the Unified Inbox). Other thing is that the message list has a grey background, lowering contrast. I understand the need to differentiate the message list from the folder name on the top, but it could have been done the other way around: grey for the top bar with the folder name and keeping the highest contrast for the important stuff – the messages below. Or use just a small drop shadow under the folder name line.