Mail in sent box not sending over internet

Around a week or so ago I discovered my mail is not sending out of k-9, though it shows in the sent box. I have checked the server settings, and they verify, but the mail doesn’t push up to my sent folder in my domain server. Oddly enough, if I send to myself or one of my other domains hosted on the server it gets there. So, they are going over intranet, but not internet. Help!

I am receiving incoming mail… Accounts are setup as IMAP so mail pushes/pulls an syncs so I can see what is sent and read(when working properly) on my servers webmail.

K-9 Mail should generate an error notification when a message failed to send. That notification should include some kind of explanation for the failure. To get more information you could record a debug log.

K-9 Mail 5.7xx better deals with send failures. You could try updating to the beta version. See How do I become a beta tester?

Thanks for the response! I am not getting any error messages. My sent messages show up in the sent box on my phone and tablet, but they do not show in my sent box on the server, like they used to. They just disappear into cyberspace. I am a beta tester, and on version 5.709 on my phone. I just enabled debug log as you suggested and will try sending a few things from a few different accounts to see what shows up. Thanks, Bob

Sorry, I misunderstood. Sent messages not being uploaded could have a couple of reasons:

  1. A bug (5.709 is quite old; we’ve fixed a couple of bugs since then; you should update to 5.718)
  2. You’re using POP3 which doesn’t support uploading messages
  3. Uploading messages has been disabled in settings. Check Settings > [Account] > Sending mail > Upload sent messages

I updated to newest beta and made sure upload to server is checked. Im using imap.

Still cant send any mail on my .com emails. I can send from my cable account (I have 1 cable and 8 .com accounts setup in k9).

UPDATE: though I can not send emails using k9, I am able to send using the email client thst comes with samsung droids. This seems to be an issue with k9 communicating with my server, hosted by bluehost.

I’d be happy to set up a dummy email if you want to try to replicate it.