Mail in sent box not sending over internet

Around a week or so ago I discovered my mail is not sending out of k-9, though it shows in the sent box. I have checked the server settings, and they verify, but the mail doesn’t push up to my sent folder in my domain server. Oddly enough, if I send to myself or one of my other domains hosted on the server it gets there. So, they are going over intranet, but not internet. Help!

I am receiving incoming mail… Accounts are setup as IMAP so mail pushes/pulls an syncs so I can see what is sent and read(when working properly) on my servers webmail.

K-9 Mail should generate an error notification when a message failed to send. That notification should include some kind of explanation for the failure. To get more information you could record a debug log.

K-9 Mail 5.7xx better deals with send failures. You could try updating to the beta version. See How do I become a beta tester?

Thanks for the response! I am not getting any error messages. My sent messages show up in the sent box on my phone and tablet, but they do not show in my sent box on the server, like they used to. They just disappear into cyberspace. I am a beta tester, and on version 5.709 on my phone. I just enabled debug log as you suggested and will try sending a few things from a few different accounts to see what shows up. Thanks, Bob

Sorry, I misunderstood. Sent messages not being uploaded could have a couple of reasons:

  1. A bug (5.709 is quite old; we’ve fixed a couple of bugs since then; you should update to 5.718)
  2. You’re using POP3 which doesn’t support uploading messages
  3. Uploading messages has been disabled in settings. Check Settings > [Account] > Sending mail > Upload sent messages

I updated to newest beta and made sure upload to server is checked. Im using imap.

Still cant send any mail on my .com emails. I can send from my cable account (I have 1 cable and 8 .com accounts setup in k9).

UPDATE: though I can not send emails using k9, I am able to send using the email client thst comes with samsung droids. This seems to be an issue with k9 communicating with my server, hosted by bluehost.

I’d be happy to set up a dummy email if you want to try to replicate it.

Wish I could get to the bottom of this. For months, I have not been able to send email out of k9 from any of the accounts I have hosted thru bluehost. My cable email goes out and I set up outlook (grr, not a fan of MS) and another client and they work fine with my bluehost accounts.

When I send mail it shows up in my bluehost sent box both in k9 and on my server, but it doesn’t actually send! After so many years using your awesome mail client, Id hate to have to abandon k9 :frowning:

I’d be happy to set up a dummy email account if someone wants to try to replicate this. I am a beta tester, and I have logging on, but since I dont get any errors, I dont know if anything will be logged (or how to check/forward to someone).


Check your email address in
Message Composition Options

Are the messages that “[don’t] actually send” (still) in your K-9 “Outbox”? If they aren’t there they have been delivered to your configured “outgoing mail server” and there’s an issue on that side of things. If they are in your K-9 “Outbox”, you should be getting an error message in K-9 when you try to send.

Thanks for getting back to me.

They show in the sent box, in k9 and on the server, but they dont actually send. They used to, but suddenly stopped (in September I think). The odd thing is its only my domain emails. My cable email still works. Also odd, I set two other mail clients up and they work with my domain mail, so its is something exclusively between k9 and bluehost’s mail server. I have several different domains on bluehost server, and none send. I had them check at there end but all ok, and especially since outlook and the droid mail clients are both working fine.

I’m so disappointed, I’ve used k9 for many years, and I love it.


But the question is, are they (still also) in the k-9 “Outbox”? If they aren’t there it would seem that they are being delivered to your “Outgoing server/SMTP server”, however you have that defined, and aren’t being sent from there. I.e., if they aren’t still in the K-9 “Outbox”, that would seem to strongly indicate that the issue is with the “Outgoing server/SMTP server’s” handling of the messages, not K-9’s.

To clarify one point, the “Sent” folder in K-9 and its equivalent on your server are just copies of your outgoing mail. They are not involved in the actual sending of the message to the intended recipients. In K-9, it is the “Outbox” that is processed for sending outgoing mail from your mobile device to your configured Outgoing server/SMTP server. That machine is then responsible for actually delivering the message to the recipient’s mail server.

A message will show in the Sent/sent-mail folders even if your SMTP server fails to deliver it to the intended recipient. If a message can’t be delivered for some reason you should get a “bounce” notification. If all the messages you are sending are failing to be delivered, they aren’t still in your K-9 “Outbox”, and you aren’t getting bounces, then it sounds like a deeper issue with your outgoing mail server.

K-9 Mail only uploads messages to the Sent folder after they have been successfully delivered to the outgoing mail server. If the mail server doesn’t like the messages, but doesn’t return an error code there’s nothing K-9 Mail can do. It will assume everything went fine and uploads the message to the Sent folder.

You can try to record a debug log while sending a message. Maybe it will contain some useful information. Instructions here: LoggingErrors · k9mail/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

Hello all,

Don’t know if it is relevant but I wanted to add a comment related to my personal experience with sent mail using K9.
By default K9 application create some folder locally on the device in addition to the folder you retrieve with IMAP.
The point is that K9 use by default the local one. And there is many chance that the name does not match the one on the IMAP server. Thus no error (at least no visible error), the mail is correctly sent (and received by the recipient) and appear in the local sent folder but not on the IMAP server.

I had to change the default folder for sent item in the Account Settings \ Folders \ Sent folder then select in the list the folder corresponding to the IMAP server folder.

This worked for me.

Hope that help,

K-9 Mail does not support local Sent folders for IMAP accounts. It’s possible that certain circumstances could lead to effectively local folders like this with K-9 Mail 5.600 and older. But this should no longer be the case with K-9 Mail 5.7xx. If you are using such a version and notice odd behavior like the one you describe, please report it as a bug:

I am having the exact same issue. What’s strange is I just upgraded phones from a Samsung Galaxy 8 to an LG v60 Thinq. K9 mail is working just fine sending outgoing messages from the old phone but after installing, and reinstalling, and clearing cache plus all the troubleshooting suggestions in this thread, I still cannot send emails on the new phone to addresses outside my domain. I’ve configured it identically to the old phone, and I’m stumped. My issue appears identical to that described by the original poster (appears in sent box, intranet works fine, etc)

My husband works in cell phone tech troubleshooting and repair, and he’s stumped too.

Any updates on this issue? Help!

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I’m having the same problems too. I’ve only just begun troubleshooting. Here’s what I’m seeing.

  1. If I send an email to a gmail address from K9 via an email account that is hosted by BlueHost (I’ve tried 3), I get no errors in K9 and the email is stored as a sent item in K9. However, the gmail address never shows the email, not even in the spam folder. I have also recently had 2 people at major corporations advise that they are not receiving mail from me.
  2. If I send an email to a gmail address from a BlueHost email account’s webmail interface, I receive that email in the the regular inbox on the gmail account.
  3. If I send an email from a BlueHost address via K9, it is received by that BlueHost address.
  4. If I send an email from a non-BlueHost address via K9, such as one provided by my ISP, to a gmail address, it is received and shown in the inbox.

When I write all of that out, it does look like an issue at BlueHost. I’m going to ping them and see what they can tell me. I’ll let you know how I get on.

@camsown For problems with BlueHost see this thread: 5.8 showing as sent, but not always arriving at destination

Thanks mate. That’s a helluva read. I’d prefer to be able to keep using K9 but it looks like I mightn’t be able to for the foreseeable future.

@Melissa In a nutshell, the new version of K9 communicates with the email server at your provider in a different way now. Some of those email providers don’t like those changes but instead of flagging it as an issue with K9 (so that K9 can give you an error message), the email server accepts the message and then quietly dumps it, lost in the void forever.