Is 15 minutes really the new minimum check interval?

I’m afraid K-9, which I’ve used for many years (I’m guessing around ten) suddenly has become useless for me. :flushed: I hope I just haven’t found the right setting, because I need it to check at least every minute, I would prefer less, but I have survived so far with one minute. When my office sends out job lists, the freelancer that answers first gets the job. And when I’m out of the office (where I use Forté Agent, a no frills mail client) I really need to get those lists as soon as possible. But my company job mail doesn’t support push. If this is staying, I will have to find a new mail client, which I REALLY don’t want to do! :sob:

I have never had anything to complain about, which is why I haven’t registered to the forum before. But I had to find out if this is a new feature, a mistake or me not finding the correct place to adjust the time.

I do like the new design and all that, it’s just the 15 x larger sync interval that gets me (or bites me in the butt, courtesy of the robot dog…).

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I agree to Mastiff…
The push thing often isn’t working, so the poll frequency is the best setting. but 15 minutes?!
I also need the every minute version.

the new design is horrible and frustating.
now moving a mail so another folder and other most used actions have to be done on the top right instead of bottom right.
so I have to hold the phone now in both hands to reach the top right buttons with my thumb. thanks a lot…

is it possible to activate an old style??
and why aren’t we informed of all these changes before the update installs. I would have preffered not to update to this version…


I did like the old style better too, but I have been around long enough to know that a new design, if it’s Microsoft Office’s Ribbon (which I get around with a small menu app that gives me the old menus back) or anything else, will always go against looking better, being easier for novice users and annoying power users. It’s the way of the world, and I can live with that. Even heavy political news sites are getting a more and more “phone friendly” look even if you read them on a PC (I use the phone as little as possible, it’s just to slow and cumbersom to be without a physical keyboard).

What I can’t live with is loosing money because somebody decided it was a good idea to go from 1 minute syncs to 15 minute syncs. On top of that it seems like Gmail isn’t getting push warnings anymore, at least not until I turn on the phone from sleep mode. If it can’t be remedied I have to say goodbye to one of my longest app relationships. “It’s not me, it’s you, honey.”


15 minutes are the minimum that new Android versions support. Apps developed for those Android versions cannot request a lower interval. Instead of checking every minute, use push email. That’s faster and probably needs way less data volume.

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Didn’t you see that I wrote that my job mail doesn’t support push? It’s kind of hard to tell a multinational company: “Yeah, you need to change mail system because K-9 mail doesn’t support what you are using anymore…”

And if that’s a constraint in Android 11 (I didn’t see anything in the release notes, but that’s of course release notes for consumers, not developers) I’ll probably not update Android anymore or get a new phone until I retire in 7 years or my company changes mail system (a 50/50 chance what happens first), so it should be an option to use 1 minute for those who aren’t restrained by something like that.

Anyway, if I update my phone it will probably be a Samsung again (currently using a Huawei P30 Pro because of the camera, but that’s not really an option on newer phones since they lost Android privileges under the moron that posed as a president) and rooting can probably get rid of that limitation.


Yes this is a deal killer after using k9 for several years. :confused:


Is this with periodic work request? How about using a cyclic name and run PeriodicWorkRequest with names from checkmailaccount1_1 to checkmailaccount1_15 (one for each mail account), so it seems to Android like different work requests enqueueing up?

Or is there something that blocks you from sending more than one request from each app every 15 minutes? It doesn’t seem like it, because then you could only sync one account each 15 minutes, so with four accounts it would be once every hour for them, right?

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Ouch, that sounds hacky :smiley: Could work but I’m not sure if that kind of workaround would be accepted by the main developer. I think he rather wants to do things cleanly.

Edit: Thinking about it more, I don’t think that will work. Android bundles WorkRequests together, so instead of refreshing every 5 minutes, it would refresh 3 times every 15 minutes.

Please bring back the Force Refresh function! If 15 minutes is too long to wait (e.g., in the case where you have been sent a time-limited authentication code, or are on the road and need to know what’s happening now and can’t wait 15 minutes), having that forced Refresh was super-handy!

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The use of IDLE isn’t just a K-9 thing. The apple mail client on the ipad has a minimum check interval of 15min too, but supports IDLE. From a resource perspective (client/server/bandwidth) IDLE is rather better than frequent interval-based checking and most current standards-based mail servers support it. Maybe time to drop a hint in your company’s suggestion box.

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Well, hacky is my middel name (not really, it’s Tor, I’m Norwegian…). But I do most of my stuff in Python, LUA and YAML, for home automation. :grin: Workarounds like that is what keeps my systems running! I would accept anything messy to keep K-9 working as it was, with a refresh every minute!

Luckily I won’t be needing the minute refres for a few weeks, I’m going to be in my home office for a while, so I can wait for a possible solution before I give up K-9, very reluctantly. Damned god timing too, I came back yesterday from a week long ride on my Honda Blackbird, and I would probabely have lost work for at least 5000 dollars if K-9 had stopped refreshing every minute then!

Obviously you don’t know the IT management of my company… :rofl: They will do things in their own time, which means that in around 2025 something may happen, but it may just as well be a step backwards.


hmm, im surprised that in old version you managed to set interval below 15mins and it worked. I still use 15mins becouse when setting was below that there is some weird issues with synching (sometimes its get disabled by itself). Not sure if its mail server issue, K-9 client issue or both.

Gotta be mail server, because one minute refreshs has been working totally perfectly for me for as long as I can remember (probably since I first got it). This has been on mostly Samsung phones, but a P30 Pro the last couple of years. I don’t change phones as long as I’m satisfied with them, and the “latest ROM for my phone chase game” stopped being fun when I was still in my 40’s. :wink:

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Pull down in the side bar. If you are looking at the account overview, it refreshes all accounts. If you are looking at the folder list, it refreshes only that account.

I’ve been using K-9 for many years – never a problem. 15 minute polling is a real deal breaker!! This is completely unacceptable!

I’ve grown to hate updates – I always seem to end up with less functionality!

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This is really something new with updates dumbing down stuff. I have used every Windows version from 2.0, and except for Millennium they all went one step better than the previuos version…until 8. I wish I could still use Windows 7, that was the version that worked… Now my PC is looking more and more like a kid’s phone! But I gotta admit that Android now and when it came are two different things. Not to mention Windows Mobile, with my first smartphones. Back then I had the biggest phone of anybody, now my P30 is average at best.

I’m not understanding. When I do a MANUAL refresh - pull down - nothing happens.

In the old version, a Manual refresh would work every few seconds.

If I go to Settings, Accounts, Fetching Mail, Incoming Server, Next. - my new mail shows up.

Why does Manual Refresh no longer work with the new version?

Manual refresh by pulling down works for me. You should open your own thread if you have problems with that.

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With the lack of activity in this thread, and nothing to find in the rest of the forum (OK, maybe it’s well hidden…) I assume that there are no plans to get back to a usable schedule for updates, so I guess I’ll have to either get back to an earlier version or try FairMail. :sob: