Imap search server side


I use K9 for connecting to a Cyrus IMAP server. It supports text search in server side but… it seems no search is done in the server. Should I perhaps enable some advanced option for K9 or similar?.

Thanks a lot!

Is this what you are looking for?

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I don’t have that option I’m afraid. Just to configure the number of results you want to receive from the server search.

It seems to only be able to search when it has downloaded the email. After doing that… I suppose it could have it’s own mail indexes… I want to search server side and I assume the results of non downloaded emails should appear due to appear in the results of the server search… am I wrong?


Yes, you are right, that option is gone. But I am still able to search server side:

Hit magnifyer icon, enter search text, start search. It now displays results from local mails.

Now I see a magnifier icon with a tiny cloud symbol in it. If I press it then the same search is sent to server and exexuted.

Right now server search is limited to the subject and sender name/address.


If I try a email address of a contact I know that I have mails from him, they don’t appear in K9. Empty result…

perhaps should I need to enable something?