I'm rather angry!

And then you get notified constantly that updates are disabled if done globally and at the app level you would have needed to do that before the updates were pushed live. After which it is already too late as downgrading on android is difficult to impossible depending on the device and that level of backups are only possible with root.

Google basically forcing auto updates through actively discouraging turning them off is not a falsehood.

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So the only measure available that captures the whole user base suggests that around 80% of users prefer the new UI, but I’m the one that’s objectively wrong…

I don’t follow.

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Like I said, that number is biased based on the platform that is auto updating and doesn’t allow downgrading (and doesn’t capture power user numbers).

Even if 17% was accurate, 17% of half a million users is objectively/absurdly more than a “few”.

So yes, you are objectively wrong.

So it’s objectively wrong to say that 80% is a lot more than 20% and if developers were listening to the users they’d please more of them by making decisions based on what the largest percentage wants. Ok then.

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No, it is objectively wrong to say a “few” users are un happy.

It is also objectively wrong to use the google play numbers to suggest 80% of users are happy with the new UI. The numbers as is are biased, as previously stated, and are also incapable of indicating users opinion about the UI.

The developer has already admitted they develop for themselves alone. No attempts have been made to find out what k-9 users actually want. In face, such discussion is actively discouraged and dismissed.


A How-To for downloading + going back to the old 5.6 version was posted here weeks ago and once you do that you can disable auto-updates (also explained in that topic) and simply ignore that there are any.

You do realize that your little hissy-fit here is helping nobody, right? It’s the dev’s choice which features to add/delete/change and if you don’t like it you don’t have to use it.

And yes, 80% is more than 17% so the majority, no matter what the exact number of users is for either scenario, ARE happy with K-9. No idea what you think you’ll achieve here, besides annoying those of us that come here and actually try to help.

Downgrading is not possible on google play. Most users simply are not going to sideload apps as well as many devices will not allow it as can be seen by some posts on this forum of people trying to downgrade.

That makes the google play numbers biased and useless for this discussion.

You also have zero idea the opinions of the 80% regarding the UI as no attempt has been made to find out. So 80% being > 20% is meaningless.

What we do know is the attitude of the projects maintainer towards users and the project as a whole as well as the near unanimous feedback against the new UI from thousands of users across various platforms going back 6 years.

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Please just fork it, give it a new name and leave. You are not helping here in any way, shape or form.

EDIT: This was intended as a reply to Bun-Bun.

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And what a disservice it is to existing users to tell them to fork a project because the maintainer can’t be bothered.

What exactly does your post do in the way of helping?

I on the other hand have helped people make better decisions and they have thanked me.

No, I did not ask users in general to do that.

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If the answer to the general user hate against the new UI and how this update was handled; which is what I am here as; is to fork the project, then yes that is exactly what you just did.

There is no “general user hate against the new UI”. Some love it, some are indifferent, some hate it. No-one knows the value of these three different “some”. Numbers (which are more or less biased in either direction) has been presented already, but you still say “general user hate” nonetheless.
It is time to end the endless complaining. Over and out.

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K-9 is licensed under Apache 2.0 open source license. It seems to me you have not read the terms of the license before coming here to throw a tantrum. I highly suggest you take the time to carefully go through the text, especially regarding ‘Warranties’.

For your convenience: k-9/LICENSE at main · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

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And just to be clear, this is not censorship. The user in question can continue to post whatever they wish, but you don’t have to see whatever repetitive nonsense they insist on posting :wink:


There are general users, and a significant portion of them hate the new UI.

So yes, you said it towards general users.

I suggest you read up on ethics and the history of opensource.

“Without users, your program is not a program, it’s a pointless piece of code that you might as well throw away.”

Imagine if all opensource projects held the anti user stance that K-9 does and threw non warranty agreements in users faces anytime they asked for something. Those agreements are to protect the developers from being responsible/liable for downstream issues. Not to make them anti user.

No. I said it to YOU, Bun-Bun. Please don’t ever put words in someone else’s mouth.

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I’m a general user. You said it to general users. As well as it has been to response from many others here. Which is an assholish response and anti user.

If you want to see examples of putting words in others mouths, see replies to my posts that twist my words and claim that is what I’m saying.

It’s not an anti user stance, it’s anti Karen stance. It’s not up to you or me or any other user to decide, much less demand what an app looks like or how it functions, that’s a decision made by the dev(s).

Nobody is forcing anybody to use an app they no longer like, and since K-9 was never a paid app (IIRC?) nobody can complain about not getting their moneys worth or any other silly reason.

Just move on already - those of us that like/love K-9 won’t stop doing so because of your tantrums, and those that don’t like it don’t need your tantrums either since they already made their choice. :roll_eyes:

The maintainer has received funding that allowed them to work full time on the project.

And yes, they hold an anti user stance. They have admitted it themselves on these forums and in the IRC channel. While taking money to work on the project and not being up front with their intentions.

Several people have contacted me, thanking me for letting them know about the situation and have moved on as a result. And that’s only the ones that have contacted me. You’re wrong again.

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