Download older version?

Where can I download the older version until the 5.8 version to be fixed. I’m fine never upgrading if you’re not going to make improvements.

Please use the search function: How to downgrade to an earlier version?


Great…I’ve been using K-9 for many years and liked it. The latest upgrade is not what I am used to. Thanks for the info. I will definitely be loading an older version and turning off autoupdate.

Later…I am finding I can live with the new version…Not worth the trouble of changing email apps and this one is working fine. Don’t see any point in it. I use multiple accounts and just putting the ones I want in Unified helps.

I went into the github link. Exactly which version do I want to download immediately prior to deleting the front screen that shows all the accounts at one time?

Later edited…I have been playing with the new version…it’s not awful…just different…I’ll stay with it for now.

Version 5.600 from 2018 is the last one to have the old design.

5.6 is no longer available there. Does anyone have a link to another safe source?

It is still available there. There is even a direct download link on the downgrade tutorial linked above.

Thanks @ByteHamster but this is all I see at F-Droid, no 5.6:

What am I not seeing?

Looks like F-DROID removed 5.600.
It was there, but not anymore

It’s there if you enable the F-Droid Archive repo in F-Droid: Settings > Repositories. Once it has updated, you have access to very version going back nearly eight years to v4.201 (12/09/2013).

Don’t forget to check ‘Ignore all updates’ from the ‘three dots’ menu