How to get version 5.6

If you download v5.6 from F-droid it then won’t be seen by google so it won’t accidentally update itself.

Try exporting your settings before you downgrade. Then import them to the downgraded versions. You should then only have to enter passwords

I used a separate backup from a different phone (I have copied them back and forth a number of times) as I didn’t realise it would be an issue and so didn’t backup the upgraded phone - just uninstalled and then installed 5.6

Restore didn’t work, as described. Just can’t remember the precise error, but as a result I had to enter every setting again.

I can though I guess F-droid will eventually upgrade to 5.8 as well…

In the settings of F-Droid, you may opt for no automatic updates.

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where did you get ver 5.6?

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I didn’t - I’m quite happy with 5.800

But see @cketti’s post above

I said ‘export’ rather than backup. I haven’t needed to do this myself as I’m quite happy with 5.800, but @cketti’s post above links to the page which describes exactly how to do it

Yes, I had my expressions mixed and meant Export.

The result is still the same.

Lucky you… ! I can’t honestly remember the last time I saw so many unhappy people kicking off about a UI change.

The account overview was the single best thing about the app. When you have multiple accounts it is so quick and easy to manage, and I have never used the Unified Inbox as it is just way too much to deal with. K9 has now turned into yet another long winded slow and painful gmail clone. “Disappointing” does not describe it.

Hey ho - such is open source. The devs can do whatever pleases them. A shame that they are sometimes so convinced they are right and find it difficult to row back from such a defined position.

I’ll just use 5.6 until either it breaks on my phones and I am forced to find another app, or happen across one anyway - FairEmail has always looked quite nice but it not quite as ‘open to comments’ unfortunately, and does not have a simple overview screen.

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restoring the settings is not a problem.

so far, no one has answered the question “Where can I get version 5.6?”

It was already answered two times in this exact thread. Third time’s a charm: How to downgrade to an earlier version?

See this post

or this: How to downgrade to an earlier version?

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OK, call me stupid/dense or whatever,

going to your link, what I see is
how to export settings (I know how to do this)
how to disable updates (I know how to do this)

I do not see a link to get version 5.6, only 5.8
The link to release page only has 5.8 and 5.7 versions

Keep pressing the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page until you get to this page: Releases · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub then scroll down until you see v5.600

Or go direct to this page: Release K-9 Mail v5.600 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

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Case closed. Found the ver 5.6 .zip file on my phone. Settings set and I’m now a happy camper :wink:

OK, call stupid/dense or whatever,

going to your link, what I see is
how to export settings (I know how to do this)
how to disable updates (I know how to do this)

I do not see a link to get version 5.6, only 5.8
The link to release page only has 5.8 and 5.7 versions

And now F Droid seems to have had v5.6 removed.

So the b*stards at Google decide to force upgrade my 5.6 thereby destroying all my settings (thanks a bunch swear swear swear) and NOW I can’t install it from F-Droid to prevent any auto updates.

I presume it has been withdrawn to prevent downgrades.

That is Mozilla level nastiness.

Time to migrate to FairEmail.

Ahhhh. Turn on archived versions.

Wait a while.

It eventually appears in a list.

Now to add all my passwords AGAIN.

Last time. With the Mozilla mess it is time to jump the sinking ship.

How to totally screw up a great app in a couple of versions. Congratulations.

I presume it has been withdrawn to prevent downgrades.

No, F-Droid by default only keeps the last 3 versions of any app in the main repository (aside from a few exceptions where the devs request more) to keep the main repository’s index file smaller so checking for updates goes faster. Checking for updates would take more than twice the amount of data and time if this wasn’t done.

That is Mozilla level nastiness.

The only thing that’s nasty is your attitude. Please be more respectful to people giving you something FOR FREE.

Also, Thunderbird has not been part of Mozilla for quite some time.

AND the answer from the dev links you directly to 5.600 on GitHub, which is still available.

So, during your current rant you had to:

  1. Ignore the developer linking you directly to 5.600
  2. Make assumptions on how F-Droid works without doing any research
  3. Yelling at the dev of an app for how F-Droid archiving works
  4. Not know anything about the Thunderbird team not even being related to Mozilla anymore for years

And still, having done like 0 research yourself and not having read even the first reply to this topic, you feel it is reasonable to yell at someone who does FREE WORK for you? Fix your attitude.


Yup you’re right. Frustration at having my settings continually trashed, the fact I couldn’t easily install from F-Droid (I know perfectly well how to get it from github but that wasn’t the point), that the F-Droid version still thinks K9 is installed, despite uninstalling and trying to remove any K9 looking material, got the better of me.

As a dev on an open source project or two I’ll give myself a good talking too.

Re Mozilla, I’ve been on Mozilla TB lists for years - decades even - including some that are hard to get on.

Thunderbird is still tightly controlled by Mozilla, and that is not just me, but directly from some who are board members who I’ve spoken too over the years.

Don’t let yourself be kidded by the marketing.

If you don’t know now, you’ll find out in good time.

Good luck with that.