Can't add a second accout

I’m a new user. I created my first account but cannot find the path to Add Account. I tried everything from this 7 year old post I found online, but none of it worked for me.

Do you use the new beta version (which has a sidebar) or the old version?

Ooh, I like the sound of a sidebar.
I didn’t install the beta, I’m using version 5.600.
I’ll install the beta and see if I can stumble my way to adding two more accounts.
Thanks for the quick, helpful response.

In the beta version, you can add an account by going to Sidebar » Settings » Add account.

I requested to be added to the beta program.
I did that an hour ago and it’s still thinking about it.
After waiting about 10 minutes I read the ‘Learn more’ link.
It said they allow a limited number of participants and if it was full, they would tell me.
But neither has happened.
I use Thunderbird on my Windows machines and this is similar.
I have three mail accounts I use regularly and would love to try the beta.
A week ago I purchased the Lenovo Chromebook Thinkpad Duet.
So I’d install K-9 on it if it works out.

Fantastic, all is well.
I didn’t notice that the Beta was ready to install until just a bit ago.
Followed your instructions and they were spot on.
Added my two other accounts, so this looks great so far.
I’ll install this on my Chromebook Duet later.
Thanks for all of your help ByteHampster.
Without you letting me know the Beta had what I needed, I’d have never thought to try it.

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