As for transparency

In the closed thread about the 5.8 update you, @cketti, told:

You’re “brainstorming”. May one ask, where this brainstorming is taking place? Can’t find anything on Github!

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I slowly come to the conclusion, that @cketti won’t change a single bit at our demand. There is no brainstorming or second guessing.

And why should he, when he has the impression that we’re only a (loud) minority? “Der Drops ist gelutscht.”

I’m done with this. Wasting our time for nothing. Time to move on.

When the developer prefers to pander to a new audience: so be it.

Und tschüss!

Ok, I’ve taken some time to get into what has happend in regards to UI changes.

There’s especially this thread on Github being very interesting:

It dates from 2015 and concerns were made from the very beginning! Putting the action bar on top was one of the critiques back then already. It even was mentioned that users will get an update some time and see their tool being ruined.
Only shortly after the issue on GH got locked by cketti and the user ocdtrekkie got banned by cketti for being skeptical as posted on the mailing list:
There even were concerns mentioned on the mailing list but no one replied:

I’ve searched the ML but wasn’t able to find anything discussing UI changes thoroughly. cketti stated from the beginning that he wants K-9 to become like Gmail.

In this thread

it was even suggested to go and ask the user base, what they love K-9 for, but that idea was completely bombed away! ;(

I recommend everyone to go and read on your own.

I even do hope that this thread/post won’t get deleted! Thx


Well, as I already said: Material Design many years too late. Function follows design. Push to refresh overengineered into the last corners. K9-experience FUBARed.

FireMail, here I’m …

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Thanks for this, ocdtrekkie has been knowing it ever since 2015, unbelievable:

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@cketti wrote 2015:

“Given the number of users K-9 Mail has, not everyone will be happy about the change. But that’s okay. Maybe this is the time to part ways.
The nice thing about open source software is that you can take the code and make your own version. Or, if you like K-9 Mail the way it is now, all you have to do is not update.”

Ok folks, here we are now. Time to say goodbye!

Reisende soll man ziehen lassen …

Dated 15.11.15