Accounts overview screen

No need to downgrade. Use Open Mail, which is a fork of the traditional K9-Mail.

Is Fairmail only available in German?

I have the same opinion. Please bring back the old overview. I have several accounts, some more, other less important. In the old overview i saw all and i could decide, wich account to see. Less Clicks !!
– Please bring it back!!

No question!
Please bring back the overview screen!
All my family is using K9 mail because of my recommendation.
All of them are dissappointed about the abscence of the overview screen!



Everything sucks now, politics, corona, vaccinations and now k9 email… what os going on, please wake me up!


Haha no, but people on the forum were discussing the app in German!

In any case: I’ve installed it, and I am very very happy with what it can do, and how I can use it. I can totally recommend it, and listening to my sources, FairEmail is indeed the more privacy friendly one it seems (compared to openmail for example)

I’ve now UNINSTALLED K9 , I’m sad to have had to do this, but I don’t see myself returning.


Same for me!
Especially if you see the comments of the developers here.

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Just adding my agreement with the complaints being registered here. The new UI is a disaster – functionality and efficiency are ruined.
K-9 used to be a highly efficient and professional email tool for busy people managing multiple email accounts on small screens. The new UI design seems to have no awareness of actual user needs. K-9: Please listen to the voice of your customer. The new design takes K-9 in precisely the wrong direction.
I have temporarily rolled back my K-9 app to version 5.6, which appears to retain the prior accounts summary screen that is CRUCIAL to the functionality of the app. And I am starting to explore other apps, like TypeApp.


Same for me but I will try Open Mail before downgrading :frowning:
I miss the general view and the possibility to launch manually instant mail server interrogations.
Kind regards from Paris

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Hello all,

Is there any room for comprise here? There are users who need and/or prefer to have the account overview screen at start up. The development Team is looking to expand on a new UI. Why can’t we have some of both?

So my questions to developers. Would it be difficult to create an option so that when K9 is first opened, it’s with the account tab open and displaying all accounts?

To the K9 user base.Would that give you the quick overview you need?

Let’s keep the responses civil.

You’re better off using 5.6, OpenMail seems to literally just be a re-skin of 5.3.


No sir, it is a reskin of 5.503.

Hi to everybody and to you especially, dear K9 developers!

First of all: thank you very much for K9! I love your program!

I use 6 email accounts and I’d also appreciate an overview screen where all acounts are visible and where you can quickly navigate to each account. Back button should then bring you back to the overview screen.

If this is not possible, please, allow more quick switch buttons in the left option pannel (two is not enough).

Thank you very much!

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I have been a very satisfied user of k9 for many years. My reason for choosing it, like many users it seems, was the simple and efficient way it managed multiple accounts without requiring a unified inbox. The 5.8 release took me by surprise. Having struggled with the new interface for a few days I have just downgraded to 5.6. I don’t deny the right of developers to choose where they take the product but 5.8 is not for me. Thank you for 5.6 which I will continue to use until I can find a more permanent and supported option - such as a future version of k-9 that also supports the previous account overview option? So long and thanks for all the fish…


+1 this upgrade is not a good thing


It’s very simple: if you have more than 2 accounts the current overview looks like a complete mess - esp because not every account has the same priority for me. I am having eg 2 job accounts, 1 major (clean) private account, 1 very old private account with a lot of spam for shops/forums/etc. and 2 other accounts from network/internet providers (needed but barely used).
It would at least be useful if there was a setting to choose between account overview and the new all-message overview on the start screen.


After 12 years, I just switched to FairMail also. Only 2 days in, but so far, I 100% agree with the previous poster


I strongly disagree with the notion that these changes are in any way ‘improvements’. They are not. The developers are trying to push for them so they can copy paste code from other common email apps. It’s sheer laziness. You should stop cheering on these decisions. Everyone with half a brain sees this ‘redesign’ is nothing but idiocracy.The original dev would never allow for this to go through. Probably died from Covid19.

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Echo whats said here, the acounts overview page is a great feature and without it K9 just looks like Gmail!

If you don’t want to bring it back as default can we not have it as an option?