K-9 5.800 List of email accounts after startup

Downgrade instructions were already posted HERE days ago.


I woke up this morning
And my overview was gone

I woke up this morning
And my overview was gone

I got nothing but the blues
K9 was always second to none


I woke up one morning
And my overview was gone.

I woke up one morning
And my bottom bar was gone.

So I went back to 5.6
And for the future I expect nix …



“Open Mail” - It’s a fork of K9 and looks as before with the accounts list. Just export your settings from current k9 and import in to Open Mail.


how do you see and go to the (only) unread or ‘starred’ messages in each account now? I can’t do it anymore and i miss it.

Try this way:

  1. tip to choose the account
  2. tip to choose the inbox of this account
  3. tip at three point menue on upper right
  4. choose order by…
  5. choose priority (Wichtigkeit)
    and the starred Mails are shown above the others with only FIVE finger tipps.
    That is NOT DONE with ONE tip on the number of starred mails in the account overview of the old Version v5.6xx
    And this is the reason why many users love(D) the account overview AND the Quick access to the inbox with FILTERED starred (or New) mails.
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  1. Thank you for the app I am using it more than 10 years long, and to express it I am going to donate
  2. I am on my way back to version 5600
  3. As you can see, there are a lot of users having more accounts, who are quite displeased, and they are expressing it nicely or not
  4. What disturbs me?
    4.1) a major upgrade without letting the users know or letting them choose between 5600 and 5800 (plus the minor upgrade numbering wasn’t correct)
    4.2) your writing of

I now know that many of you liked the account overview screen and that you would like to have it back. But I couldn’t find a post that tried to explain why. If you want to have the account overview screen back, you have to convince us developers that it’s a good idea. So please explain how you used the app in a bit more detail.

But there are a lots of posts describing that multiaccount users are prefering the old UI, there is nothing to convince or explain. They prefer it, much faster to reach given mails,…
You can find lots of explanations in posts of G3W, Uatschitchun, Bun-Bun…
Of course you are the code-owner, but users were spoken.


I have 12 email accounts that I see at a glance, some of work, some business, and some personal.
The new user interface does not work for me.
Unless your dev team allows me to undo the last udpate so I can continue using the old version, or, give users a chance to use the older start up screen, this app will be absolutely useless for me. The is the single, solitary feature that I was using this app for.

What is the reason for such a callous update? Who makes these decisions? Anyways, please let me know if one of the 2 options above are possible. Thanks in advance.


Have a look at the very first thread in this forum. It’s called How to downgrade to an earlier version?

ich überlege echt, nach dem Urlaub ein Downgrade zu machen… es nervt nur noch… wegen dem Playstore… hab dort auch ne Notiz hinterlassen… Danke fürs Erinnern :wink:


Thanks for the App’s name. I just removed the new K9 version and install Open Mail. Everything back to what I want for a multi account mail app !


Use the F-droid route.

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I am adding my thoughts to this thread as I believe this new version of K9 does not support the use by some visually disabled people. This new Unified Inbox being the default requires people to be able to see it clearly, I know the messages are colour coded but who remembers colours when you have 12 to 15 separate accounts. Also this is problematic for people who use a screen reader to see their emails, and for those who are colour blind it is also very problematic. It simply does not make sense to have this new UI as the default layout without allowing people to switch back to the old method where it either suits them or they are visually impaired and find it difficult to use this way. Providing that will give all those who want it an option and for those happy to use the Unified Inbox they are also satisfied. There are other issues with this update such as not being able to mark messages as unread after reading, or it is possible it must be hidden somewhere as I’ve not found it.

So please reconsider this update and bring back the options which are obviously popular with many.


I see that a new ßeta release of the program has been announced, (5.8001) with the following updates:

  • Tweaked the default font sizes
  • The name of the currently selected account is displayed in the top bar below the folder name (when using multiple accounts)
  • When selecting an account in the drawer the auto-expand folder is now displayed right away
  • Added support for user-installed CAs
  • Error notifications now contain the full error text
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Updated translations

I see no return of the Overview Screen, so for all the comments and discussion asking for the return, I see that all has been ignored by the developers…

So I’m removing it and now promoting the change of program for anyone need the Overview interface of looking and supporting the alternative fork Open Mail from the Google App store…

Best alternative I’ve found… Cheers


It doesn’t look like that app is under active development. According to Google Play store, that app has not been updated since 3 April 2018, and the source code hasn’t been updated since 29 Jul 2017.

So don’t expect it to be kept up to date or to get any of the bug fixes that have gone into K-9 since the version from which that fork was created

You’d probably be better off sticking with v5.600. As the creator of Open Mail says in his README.md

Its mine personal attempt to make a Android OpenSource Email App with different Name, Logo & Icon to relate it with email. Its still Beta from my side as its some basic changes to orginal code of K-9. Would try to find time to add more into this app. This is noway to replace orginal K-9 Mail app or compete with them.


I can agree with your reasoning… I have as well reinstalled v5.600 so have some of the updates and fixes that have been improved since the fork. However, very much still not happy the current developers have no regard for the input of there users… So installed v5.600 and turned off auto updates for this version…

I got the the version 5.801 installed - it’s even worse to 5.800!
When opening the account list and selecting an other account it’s opening immediately the inbox of that account and does no more display the folderlist.

Go into settings, for each account go to the folders option. Select the first option under folders, Auto-expand folder. The default appears to be inbox. Change the selection to none, top option.

That Wii give you the folder list instead of the inbox.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks - it works now

I am desperately looking for a solution to get back the old startscreen, I hope they will asap re-incorporate it!!! otherwise I am screwed :confused: taking way to long now to switch around between all my accounts. Having an unified INBOX is my death,… P L E A S E make this new startscreen optional, thnx!