Accounts overview screen

Same here, I need to have back that view - reason is simple as mentioned many times before, the new concept is just cumbersome, at least in this use case.

Fortunately, there are now alternatives that can also handle PGP.

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READ the comments people! Then PROCESS that feedback. Everyone wants the account overview back, make it happen ASAP, otherwise you will get a bunch of uninstalls, 1-star reviews and people moving on to other apps.
Next time, ASK people what they want and not just completely alter the way it works.


Does TypeApp have an account overview screen when it comes up? The app description in the Play Store only shows the unified inbox

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I am new to this forum. So please forgive me if I am doing something wrong.

I am not sure if I fully understand the problem which is discussed here. I also use K9 since a few years, and I also have 6 accounts I manage with it.
But I am still able to use an overview for these accounts with 3 clicks, can see how many unread mails are available for each of them and can fetch all the accounts with a single gesture to refresh them at once. Do I miss something in this discussion?
Yes, it looks different, but after a few minutes I found the new way how to get the same information as before.

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Me too, please bring the accounts overview page back. New interface is difficult and frustrating.


OK, the two most important links here:

  1. Downgrade to version 5.600:
    How to downgrade to an earlier version?
    Android will complain that the app was built for an earlier Android version, just click OK on that.

  2. The best alternatives to K9:
    Somebody also suggested TypeApp, which is apparently a spin-off from K9 with similar looks, but the Play Store view only shows the unified inbox, I don’t know if they offer the account overview.

I just downgraded to 5.600, which works. Cost me half an hour.



TypeApp (=BlueMail) is a well-known app that stores data on app’s server. Read here:

Some things changed, but I won’t trust them.

TypeApp is exactly the same app, the owner has a different name. But it’s the same.


waow thanks this info !!

hey K9 developper, you’re busted ! :wink:

Some pointers please ?

From Dev in other, now closed thread: “But I couldn’t find a post that tried to explain why. If you want to have the account overview screen back, you have to convince us developers that it’s a good idea.”

This level of arrogance rivals even that of Microsoft. It’s not good enough that dozens of your users complain about an unnecessary change, they have to convince you that it’s ‘needed’? Wow.

Keep that up and you’ll find a mass migration away from your app. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of 3rd party mail apps out there. Yes, I chose your app originally for several reasons, but I don’t “need” you. I can easily find another app to replace yours.

And then in the closing post the Dev complains that most of the posts are just reiterations of previous posts. Well, duh! Of course there will be several posts basically saying the same thing. Does that mean that “one” reason is invalid?

As a programmer myself, if my users all started saying the same thing about a change or a requested function, personally, I’d listen to them and not get all bent out of shape and make them explain “why” to me. And more likely than not, I’d more than likely give them what they want.

For my 2cents of “why” it’s needed (probably a regurgitation of other posts, but, meh…):

  1. For users (like me) that have multiple e-mail accounts, they would prefer to see an overview at a glance.
  2. Having the accounts overview screen as the main app screen means all you have to do is open the app, et viola! You can now easily see which accounts have mail.
  3. With the current (dare I say, abominable?) configuration, you have to
    a) open the app
    b) hit the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner
    c) hit the account drop-down list
    before you can see an overview. Simple math can tell you that one action is better than three actions.
  4. One of my multiple accounts is for work. I literally get dozens (if not hundreds) of emails a day. Most of which I don’t bother reading on my phone (unless I’m in the filed, away from my computer). And why would I? But I still need to have them come in for when I am in the field. Now, I suppose I could make that my default email so that it opens directly t that inbox, but I DON’T WANT TO (and I shouldn’t HAVE to). So again, with the current setup, it takes me FIVE actions to get to the inbox, when before it was two.

And don’t start touting the “unified” inbox to me. That may be fine for others and it may be fine for non-work related emails, but I don’t want my work e-mails to be mixed in with all of the others. It’s a nice option, for those who want to use it, but it’s not for me.


that was beautifully said !

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Apparently all accounts can be queried at once by opening the sidebar with the accounts. Click on the arrow to get the account overview. Drag down and all accounts will be updated. That is actually what I want. If this overview would come first instead of an inbox, then that would be two clicks less and I would have the overview right when I open it. But it’s much better than having to query each mail address individually.

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Looking for other app too…

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You took the whole reason why I liked this app and through it out the window. I will uninstall this app if it’s not fixed. Btw who was the moron who came up with this bright idea? Fire them please.
You just made your app as useless as all those mail other mail apps.

I’ve been using k-9 for a long time to simply handle multiple mail-accounts.

But the new UI (unusable interface…) is terrible. A feeled amount of thousand taps to get an overview of all installed mail-accounts is not what I want and need.

And these multicoloured icons, that swap their position after each selection of an account, remind me of a badly programmed game of the 80s. Not usable.

And after checking one of the subfolders (e.g. sent-folder) and tap at android’s back-triangle, I’m thrown to the unified inbox instead of the folder where I came from, when I navigated to the subfolder… strange behaviour and different from before.

So please go back to the old UI or alternatively let the user choose which view he wants to start with or which UI he wants!!!




All "modern"apps use this crazy Gmail type of account section menu.
We are living a bad dream…
:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Best way is to do settings backup
disable autoupdate
remove new version and install 5.6000
give 1* in google, maybe they come to their senses or we should start searching for new app


I’m sorry, but unless we’re all mistaken, it’s very non-trivial to get to the screen you’re showing. Instead of tapping the phone’s “back” button a couple of times, this screen you show can only be accessed by navigating with multiple taps or swipes around multiple different parts of one’s phone screen.

even then, the overview only shows unread message count. it doesn’t have the lovely feature of showing a star to immediately jump to starred messages for that specific account.

those of us who use K9 mail for both work and personal accounts desperately need a way to keep things separate and something like a unified inbox is a feature that is a hindrance and not a help to all of us.

there is simply no equivalent to the overall account view screen. we badly need it back.


Per a user recommendation here,I just installed FairEmail. A few minutes to set up the first two accounts, switched startup view to show unified folders instead of unified… so far looks even better than the classic K9.