Account Overview. Please get it back or enable it by a feature toggle

I used K9-9 mail mostly for that feature, that now disappeared. There is no possibility and no settinds to show it again. If this still remain so the only one alternative is to find an old version an to install it (and not getting updates anymore) or to use another Email-App that will provide such a very functional feature. Then we do not need to install another App besides the already installed (Android) Stock-Apps if they provides the same functions


I re-installed the old version 5.600. It worked till today then I think it will work also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the the day after after tomorrow and so on. There is also another App that provides this Design-Feature-Toggle (Account overview on the start screen or even not).

This is a miss, like a miss is to “use web 2.0” even if the usability it not very really improved through it.

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Hey all, does anyone know how long we have to wait to get back the account overview screen?

Still very unhappy with the current situation.

There was a posting by cketti that he planned it for 6.200

But the plans shifted

I did not find more concrete communication on it.

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You really thought you’d see again the account overview?

I simlpy installed the old version, that i used for many years, and also withuout updates.
I really do not know if all updates are always necessary, security updates of course they are, but alway these radical UIX changes i do not think they are always good. I found the overview of all account even much more confortable of some new funny frameworks and UIx Designs, that 90% of the users does not need and want.

Search on the web for the latest version previous to this horrible update and then you are done. I do not know what critical bugs it has and in my opinion it has any otherwise they removed or solved it also in the past.

I have the version 5.600 and i am happy woth it and i do not install any updates.

Otherwise the only way to have the ovrrview of all accounts is to implement your own App ny yourself.



Me? I just wrote what I found as help. I am more or less OK with current UI - maybe I am not a power user :wink:

But I guess that the shift in priority definitively makes sense: without the OAUTH stuff more and more mail service providers cannot be used in future.

Best you follow these steps provided by main developer - he also points where to get the APK created by him, so you can be sure to get the real K9

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I followed the steps and i downloaded the old official one. This is what i mean. Naturally i do not download any app from any site on the internet. You could also download the sources and do your things :wink: