Where is the opening list of accounts?

WHY do you completely revamp the user interface without asking people about it or at least giving them they option to return to what had been working for a decade???

I now have to tap FOUR times to get to any one inbox, instead of simply tapping on the inbox in my account overview. What the hell, people? You’re supposed to make things easier, not cumbersome!

How do I get back to see all my email accounts on the first screen? I do NOT want to have to go into the menu to select one account at a time, that is a complete waste of time. You have no idea how disappointing and infuriating this is !

The other guy already stated this perfectly. How can I revert to the previous good version of software that I have used for years? Either fix this new crop version or let me download the old APK.


Please use the search function. How to downgrade to an earlier version?


I have 7 accounts that I monitor and I could check with one button push and see the results. Now I have to hit multiple buttons and can’ t see an overview.

Revert or uninstall.


I downloaded the 5.6 APK and all is good now. Wasted an hour of my day, but I can get back to work now. Hopefully the new version is fixed soon.

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Can you please tell me where to download that?

This is a base reason many people prefer K-9 mail. If you need to keep track of multiple email accounts where each needs differing levels of attention through the day/week this was the email app you needed.

Removing the account list overview breaks a large reason to use K-9 Mail.


Really? With all due respect, why do you ask again without reading the post that is just above?