Unable to setup IMAP gmail account

I have gone into the gmail account and enabled IMAP. I have setup things just as I am reading. I have experience with email setup in different email programs so I’m not completely in the dark.

Can someone tell me step by step how to get a yahoo and gmail account setup with IMAP.

HOLY COW!..I figured it out from reading but good grief…I guess gmail is making sure my messages are secure.

Yes it appears they are very secure these days. It took me a while too to work it out myself. Glad you finally got there.

For yahoo, see the following post :

For gmail, you have to give access to less secure apps,

You need to enable 2-step authentication and create an app password in Gmail to login to any third-party application or web login. Gmail suspended using normal password on third-party applications or websites.
Read How to create app password and enable IMAP in Gmail. This guide will solve your query.