Does K9 work with the new Yahoo security?

Does k9 work with the new yahoo security? I downloaded/installed the latest version. It only fetched about 5 messages. That is all I could get. I have been a long time user of k9 and really like it.

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It works, but you have to generate a special password, here is Yahoo explanation :

Generate and manage third-party app passwords

Some older, third-party email apps (that do not use our Yahoo branded sign in page) require you to enter a single password for login credentials. To access your Yahoo Mail account on these apps, you’ll need to generate and use an app password. An app password is a long, randomly generated code that gives a non-Yahoo app permission to access your Yahoo account. You’ll only need to provide this code once to sign in to your third-party email app.

Generate an app password

  1. Sign in and go to your Account security page.
  2. Click Generate app password or Manage app passwords.
  3. Select your app from the drop down menu and click Generate.
  4. Follow the instructions below the password.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Use this app password and your email address to sign in to your email app.

OK but these is no app listed for k-9 mail in the “Select your app”.


You type K9-mail. I did it and I received a password which works on my three smartphones.

If anyone is facing issues in managing yahoo apps passwords then they can try the informative blog on it. This blog explains the perfect method to manage Yahoo App Password.