UI Upgrade including toolbar rearrange breaks onehand usage


today android automatically upgrade k9mail to the latest version. As result the app got the new theming including that includes the change of the toolbar from the bottom to the top. Regardless by intent or not, the move of the toolbar breaks the daily one hand / one finger usage handling of k9mail that made k9mail so popular.

Please move the toolbar back to the bottom in the new theme, or provide instructions how to restore to the old theme, or provide intructions how to downgrade to version that supports it. Thanks.

Btw. if you plan such desruptive change, you may well advised to do a survey or introduce it per feature toogle.


Here’s the bigger thread people talking about it. There is a post in there that discusses downgrading to the old version.

And yes I agree with you. Material design breaks one handed usage. k-9 > 5.6 is completely useless to me for this reason.

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There are plenty of similar threads, I don’t think yet another one adds any real value.

Please also note that there seem to have been quite some beta releases before the public release.

Maybe someone will be willing to fork/maintain 5.600 and provide a “K-9 Classic” but it won’t be able to be uploaded to Play Store for distribution, since the old app no longer meets the requirements Google puts on apps to be allowed in the Play Store.