Trouble logging in to my account


I am using K9 to fetch and send mails from two email accounts
Since the latest update to 6.202, I’m getting authentication failure messages

It worked okay in version 6.201

I’ve tried deleting my accounts and start from scratch, to no avail.

The instructions pertaining to my account settings can be found here:

Alas, only in Hungarian :worried:

The Google translate version is here Freemail - Levelező Kliens beállítása

“I have a new interface account.”

It would be nice if it could be looked into.

I do not think that update to 6.202 is breaking it. But to be sure maybe you can downgrade to version 6.201 again.

For that you could follow this with the version you want to use. Be aware that all your local mails will be gone and have to be downloaded from server again

But could it be that switched over to OAuth? But as far I could see they wrote (using online translation tool) to use the password you used on portal login.