Trouble linking institution Gmail (.edu)

Hello, I am trying to connect my personal email and school gmail to k9. I was able to link my personal email fine. The oauth correctly initiated and opened my browser.

The problem I’m having is the school gmail is
The problem is that because k9 does not see it does not initiate the oauth to open my browser to allow me to sign in.

Allowing app password is not an option because that feature was blocked by my institution. The only option is to somehow get k9 to trigger the Gmail oath for instead of

I was able to figure it out :slight_smile: for anyone who this may help:

The first prompt asks for username and password. Fill these out accurately. After clicking next, you will see a page asking for more information. Under password type switch to oath. And under imap address change the to , now it should trigger the oath popup in your android browser. If you are having trouble signing in once ur browser pops up, then go to apps and switch ur default internet . Make sure u also change to in the outgoing mail prompt :slight_smile:

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