Too many issues with new version to stay with K9

This update is a disaster for my purposes…

  1. I use 8 accounts and replacing the “back” to account list with a minimum of 4 clicks is a huge time waster; not to mention retrograding to a biblical (Seek and ye shall find) interface.

  2. I do most of my email reading on my computer, so I made EXTENSIVE use of the individual message selection feature to quickly delete many messages (not all). I keep certain messages on my phone as reminders.

  3. Unified inbox is NOT useful to me. Heck, I use 2 different instances of claws-mail on my computer to better organize my mail. I want separate “meat and potatoes”, not “stew”!

  4. “Inbox” at the top is unhelpful; knowing which account I’m in is a must.

That’s just a first glance; though I’ll be looking for another MUA. As of this update, K9 is totally USELESS to me. The new account selection is bad enough; but the issues above makes it unworkable.


Re #2: So individual message selection is possible with a long press… However, if the press is not quite long enough, the message becomes read with no way to mark it unread.

Sigh… I’m wasting daylight with this mess… gotta find a more friendly MUA.

Of course you can mark messages unread. It’s the envelope symbol when inside the message.

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It’s also the envelope symbol when selecting one or more messages in the list.

You can also short-press the contact icon

Progress is not making things more difficult; many other comments were posted on the account switching needing at minimum 4 clicks to switch, in addition to remembering NOT to hit “back” which closes the app forcing more clicks… Changes that add little or no new functionality are often wasted effort and user alienation.

On the bright side, this pushed me to look for another MUA – at first glance, BlueMail appears to be more what I need and has many more features. So… bye!


I would also appreciate to start with an overview of my 7 accounts and going back to this overview with the back button.

Hiding Accounts is good for my 80yr old dad, but I must handle more accounts.

It IS nice that the general inbox can be deselected within the options. So step 2 would be going back to classic account overview

When a message is selected you can press the closed envelope icon at the top to mark it as unread

It seems that the future is not rosy for my relationship and k9. Bytehamster and cketti seem adamant that their new design (with its extra tapping requirements) and misplaced button positions are definite and the way it is to be, and suggestions to the contrary (by users) are unjust. I will be remaining on 5.600 (avoiding updates by google play by installing it from f-droid).

It’s an email client, not a car. It is to read emails and be secure whilst doing so. Development does not NEED design change to be attractive on the eye at the detriment of intuitive use. It just needs to do what it is designed to do (display emails) and easy to drive (interface and buttons being minimal, useful and easy to access).

No one ever said about an email client, “I love the fancy colours and how difficult and complicated it is to do things”.


What if contact icons are turned off? How do I mark email unread without going into the message first?

Long-press the message

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Long press selects the message, doesn’t do anything else.

Once the message is selected you can click on envelope icon to mark mail as read or unread.

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What envelope?

The one at the top that my thumb can’t reach?

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I fully agree to the criticism above and with the changes, this is not my email client anymore, it is unusable. Too bad, before this design change it was the best mobile email client.

Yes, corrrect. I agree that the icons on the top bar are hard to reach with one hand mode. But the same is (almost) true if the top mail needs to be reached. And this was the case with old UI as well :wink:

This new version drain the mobile’s battery to the bottom after 1-2 hour. That’s not good. I will revert to the earlier version.

That envelope icon is so confusing, especially since previous versino of K9 used an envelope icon for “compose”. Not intuitive at all.

I’m also looking into Open Mail (earlier K9 fork) as mentinoed in this forum on one of the threads talking about downgrading.

K9 went from a powerful and easy to use email client for both simple use and power-users to a “must use both hands”, maybe a bit shinier, average looking and working just like many other email clients, from UI stand point really no longer any better then the basic email client that came with my Samsung phone and specially crafted for users like my dad using his single account, power-users be damned, who cares(?)…

If developers’ position is something like described by @jimimaseye above and won’t take into consideration user feedback, especially from the many users these changes really hurt rather then help, then there can be only 2 choices:

  1. downgrade to 5.6 for how long it is feasible (for me it worked very well)
  2. try and find another app

I feel sorry to say, but I see no future for K9 and power users in the direction the development started moving recently.