Sync of sent and deleted

I use K9 now for a long time and recently it started to act strange.

I have the problem, that my sent mails didn’t get synced to the server. The Sent mails from the server are visible.

Also the deleted Mails doesn’t get sync (proberly) to the server. They stay undeleted and unread on the server sometimes. Each time I watch my thunderbird and K9 the same time. Deleting Mails in K9 are synced propberly. But sometimes the mails are only deleted in K9. If I try to resync the mails keep deleted in K9, but still undeleted on the server.

I don’t know what to try or to test. Anybody an idea, what I can try or test to fix this issue?

What K-9 version do you use? Have you set K-9 to delete the messages on the server when deleting locally? The (account specific) setting is enabled by default but maybe it was changed.

  • K-9 Mail Version: 5.600
  • “Löschen vom Server übernehmen” (Messages which where deleted on server, will be deleted on K9) is set
  • “Beim Löschen vom Server auch auf Server löschen” (Deleting locally will delete on server) is set

Pointing out that it works sometimes but not every day.

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I don’t know, maybe there was a fix in the meantime. You could try joining the beta test (see this thread: How do I become a beta tester?). Be warned that the app looks a bit different though :slight_smile:

I’ve been experiencing this behavior in 5.80x as well (I’m on 5.803 now) from time to time.

I’m not able to willingly reproduce the issue, but everyonce in a while e-mails I deleted in K9 stay undeleted on the server/on other clients such as Thunderbird. I can fix the issue temporarily by killing and restarting K9. After that, deletions in K9 get synced to the server again, but after some time (can be some days) the issue reappears.
I haven’t been able to figure out any rule behind, so far…