Swiping interactions


I am a non tech guy and have just installed K-9 Mail to avoid the privacy issues of Gmail, Outlook, etc. I have been using Yahoo Mail app as I have Yahoo and Outlook email accounts.

I request members to clarify whether following features are missing or whether I need to some changes in settings.

(1) I want to mark emails as read/delete by swiping left/right.

(2) Single click delete of Spam folder.

(3) Swipe opened email left/right to go next/previous email.

Any suggestions how can I do above mentioned in K-9 app? :thinking:



For the swipe action already a similar feature request exists:

For deletion of mails in folders in general there is no single click actions as far as I know. You would need to go to specific folder, select all mails (only those you have loaded) and delete those mails.

Hello @stphn . Thanks for your pointer. But am not sure whether the developers are planning to implement them any time soon since the feature request thread is already few months old now.

Guess, will have to move to Outlook client.