Feature request: Swipe left/right to Delete/Move emails

Such a feature seems pretty standard now for Android email & messaging apps.
It would save a lot of finger motion and taps too.
Ideally the actions for left & right swipe would be configurable…


Similar interest here.
Swipe left/right for delete / Mark as read.
So selectable Swipe Actions seem the Best solution. I read somebody else wants to open the message with a right Swipe.


I would like to see such an opportunity and I thought it was already there when I installed it.
It’s good when you can select and assign actions of several levels to the left or to the right.

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K9-Mail ticks all the boxes which is why I donated last year. But missing gestures always keep me searching for other clients. The LineageOS default client implemented it nicely for me (delete & archive), but it was lacking severly in other aspects and was dropped for reasons.

Anyway, customizable swiping gestures would be awesome.

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I also would like to see this feature!

Would be a great addition.

Seems to also be a reasonably popular request on github

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Any updates on this please?

Hello. I am new to Github and have just installed K9 mail to adapt to it as FairEmail will no longer be developed.

Has there been any progress for the swipe features requested?