Same Sender Feature

WTAF. Why have you removed the long push feature to view same sender
from the interface? It makes this software as inflexible as all the other email applications. No point in keeping it. Also, you cannot view your starred messages separately. What is the point of flagging them then?


The developers have actually rebuilt the whole app from scratch, and have indicated that once the main things are stabilised, some missing features might be restored over time as they are able to do them.

I’m not part of their team, but can say that what they’ve been doing is an enormous undertaking.
What they’ve done in the foundations of the app, and modernising things, means that the app will probably be able to more easily go forward through new Android versions as they come out in the future (a really big problem could have developed otherwise eventually no doubt).

These top level things we are all experiencing, will sort out and no doubt will come out really great over time, just make positive suggestions on what will help make it all better.

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