Long press menu gone? 5.800


Love the new crisp look.

But the long press menu appears to have gone on the email list, where you could long press an email in a list and a menu would come up?

I used to use something which would “show more from this sender”, and other things that seem to have dissapeared now?

Are those functions accessible in a new/different way somewhere else now please?


After long-pressing, the options are now shown in the toolbar on top. I think the option “show more from this sender” is gone but I don’t see a reason why it couldn’t get re-added at some point. There is currently quite a lot to do to get everything working reliably again after this huge release, so it will probably take some time.


It is certainly a new “enhancement”… as deleting the accounts list and the checkboxes… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

Thank you ByteHamster,

Looking around the app, and the forum here, it seems a number of features have been moved or deleted.

Was this because the reinvigoration of the GUI codebase meant that things like the longhold menu could no longer function, or was that just an GUI asthetics paradigm that was being persued, and migration of existing functionality from that menu to the top bar was too time consuming for now?

It’s just so unusual for an app with such a strong support base to suddenly loose established functionality for no apparent reason, it’s the sort of thing that large software houses (and one in particular!) used to arbitrarily do back in the 80-90’s, and something people in OpenSource community were priding ourselves in not doing to our User’ bases.

Were some of the features instantly depreciated due to lead core developers’ personal choices and whims, or was it just a random matter of what things made it into the new interface?

I think that a lot of people are struggling to understand the development policy being followed here, and like me are wondering how this all happened?

I am sure that if the feedback on the forum is valued and prized for any helpful comments, K9 is going to be an even more amazing application going forward!

The efforts already made with the general GUI clarity are very fine and well worth the effort, perhaps with reintegration of lost functionality, and the possibility of Users being able to choose certain display modes and preferences in settings, K9 will sit at the absolute pinicle of Android mail app interfaces going forward!

When people use an interface of any kind for quite a period of time, what we might call muscle memory and eye brain hand coordination neural paths are established in the brain.

There is a lot of research out on this sort of stuff, worth checking out.

If an interface is suddenly changed it leads to some “pain” for many people, and that is partly what is being encountered here in their comments. It’s real.

When the interface is on a “personal” device, as part of a “personal” communication app, you are dealing with some quite deep things in the modern human experience.

Changing the GUI of an environment people perceive as part of their personal life is much more than just technical issues of app development as you might be gathering now :slight_smile:

And the reactions that people will come forward with can be quite terse, they can reflect feelings you would normally only expect from something more obviously deeply personal in nature.

Some can even feel genuine trauma and angst. It makes our role as developers necessarily far more nuanced than just following our own good ideas at times.

A friend’s wife had some issues in her past, they expressed themselves by having the house furniture rearranged or even things utterly moved internally at random time intervals, so that when my mate came home, he never knew what was waiting for him, or for sure even where he would be sleeping!

Sometimes software GUI changes can feel to Users who rely on an app regularly, like having the very walls inside a house moved around on them, or going to get milk from the fridge and finding a washing machine there instead, or the TV is missing suddenly.

So a bit of heart for these kinds of things is needed by developers :blush:

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Moving features was a aesthetics decision. I don’t know why features like “more from this sender” have been removed but I would assume it’s because the whole app was basically re-written from scratch and the feature is not yet there. What features exactly do you mean?

Thanks for that, the rewrite from scratch is a mammoth undertaking and is already looking very good overall.

I think it will prove very worthwhile long term, and be more widely appreciated once these few things, and layout options settings/preferences, are ironed out.

Ok, just had a look at a mate’s phone with the earlier K9 on it still un-updated.

Long Hold on an item in an email list, brought up these options…

[Email subject line here in blue]
Reply all
Send Again (very useful)
Forward as Attachment
Mark unread
Add star
More from this sender

Some of these are reproduced on the top bar in the update, with a few on the Ellipse,but I think some are now missing.

I hope that this list helps.


Its stupid that the all select from sender is gone
I used it to mass delete mail.
If not fixed fast i move to something else and not return back
Very stupid move

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Aside from all bad messages from quite a few users. Reasonable if one rewrites and makes a complete overhaul of the UI.

Anyway the feature to mark mails from same sender is very much missed. This was the only app to have this feature, this is why I also have used the app for years. Is this something that might return in the near future or will this be gone?
It helps a lot to clean SPAM and bulk messages from the shops, news and whatnot senders.

If it’s not going to return I would switch back to 5.6 version.