Reception of e-mails makes trouble sometimes

In general, K9 works fine on my Sony Xperia 1 III (Android 12). But at least once a week it happens, that e-mails are only retrieved when i open the k9 app. all the other days everything is fine, push and notifications work well. does anybody know this issue - and does a workaround exist? I checked all settings and they seem to be allright - i.e. the app itself is excepted from battery saving mode.

thank you for you help



did you also check if backgroud data usage is allowed for K9?

thank you for your feedback

battery usage in the background without restrictions is allowed. or do you mean other settings? if yes, where can i find them?

what is crazy - there is no regularity: for a couple of day, sometimes for a week, everything is fine. then, after a few days, i recognize in the morning, that there is no letter icon in the android notification bar. in this case, i have to open the k9 app, and then immediately all mails are retrieved.

That really sounds to be a battery optimization issue…

Please have a look at this where background data have been discussed recently (although in that case it did not help…):

Also maybe check this website for more info on what else could be checked to fix battery optimization.

thanks. i checked everything and it seems that all settings are okay. do you may have another idea?