Progress Reports

The last progress report is from June 2023. Could monthly progress reports be reinstated please? When can we expect K-9 Mail to be rebranded as Thunderbird for Android?

You can find more recent progress reports in the Thunderbird blog: Thunderbird Mobile Archives - The Thunderbird Blog

Thanks for the link to newer progress reports. The latest one says:

We didn’t release any beta or stable versions in September. However, that’s an exception. Usually we publish a couple of beta releases a month.

The publication of beta releases has become very sporadic lately - the last two were published on 19th August and 4th October. Has there been a slowdown in the development of the app please?

What kind of answer are you expecting to this question? How do you define and measure development speed?

We don’t have a fixed release schedule. We generally try to avoid publishing beta versions that include unfinished features whose state would prevent users from using parts of the app.

If you wish to follow the development closely, you can have a look at the public source code repository: GitHub - thunderbird/thunderbird-android: K-9 Mail – Open Source Email App for Android


As K-9 Mail is now part of the Thunderbird family, why doesn’t it have a fixed release schedule like its desktop counterpart?

I’m sure you’re not trying to be annoying. But at least to me it comes across that way.

You’ve asked this question before. See K-9 Mail release schedule

You’ve read the progress reports. The number of people working on the app hasn’t increased a lot since then. So what makes you think asking the same question again will lead to a different answer?

Also, it feels like this is less of a question and more of a suggestion. If that’s the case, please don’t formulate it as a question. Make the suggestion, and provide an argument for why you think it would be an improvement.


I’m certainly not trying to be annoying, and I apologise if it comes across as if I am.

I didn’t realise that there weren’t more developers working on the app now. It seems that Thunderbird is concentrating its development efforts on the desktop app, which is rather disappointing.

I think that at least a roadmap with some realistic milestones would be a good idea. This would provide a way of tracking development progress.

The link to the roadmap was posted to the other thread and can be found in multiple progress report blog posts.

As it is now Q4 2023, the Expected Delivery for several of the items on the roadmap needs to be revised.

I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but I would prefer if the developers could work on K-9 instead of having to answer your questions about what they are working on. That takes away time that could otherwise be spent on features and bug fixes. If you are so interested in what they are doing, just subscribe to the GitHub repo (like cketti already wrote) and you will get emails for every single thing they are doing.

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If there was a link to the progress reports and roadmap on the homepage, and the roadmap was kept up-to-date, I wouldn’t have to ask the questions :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi cketti.
I want to use this dialog for asking my question, wether it will be possible, to import my Thunderbird-mbox-files to the mobile app and to be able viewing my actual folderstructure like in Thunderbird-Desktop- Solution.