Printing With hp printer plugin

I can Print from every App however Not Mails from K9.
IT IS possible to Print with HP printer plugin in any was?
Thanks all, Martin

Depends in your Android version and your printer service plugin.

I used to be able to print marked email texts under Android 10 and 11.

On my current phone (Pixel 6 Pro, Android 12) though, I cannot print directly from the app, but I can go to the app switcher and print from there. However, I am using Google’s print service. No idea if this works with HP.

Thanks For the Response
Ihave a Sony Xperia 5 III With Android 12 and HP printer plugin. But No Chance to Print. I Like the App ve er y much because of small and fast.

Have you tried using the “Share” action? When viewing a message, tap the “reply” button to the right of the sender/recipient names and select “Share” from the dropdown.

Uh, completely forgot about that. If you have a PDF tool such as Adobe installed, you can easily convert the entire email to a PDF.

From the PDF viewer you should be able to access your HP print service.

Added bonus: you have a PDF backup as a file.

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Thanks For comment about Share. However unser Share are Many Programms but nötig to Print!