Previous/Next buttons, please

Please add next and previous buttons to the mail reading pane. It should not require this many clicks to read email. Thank you.

(And no, swiping is NOT a suitable replacement, even if it worked, which it does not.)

That’s already been discussed here, incl. explanations on how to properly use Swipe so that it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I see you replied there last month, so not sure why you started a new thread :woman_shrugging:

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The problem exists, can be fixed, but hasn’t been. That’s why I requested that it be fixed.

You have nothing useful to say, so not sure why you replied. :person_shrugging:

Because that’s what we do here - try to reply to simple stuff so the poor dev can concentrate on the important things.

The previous/next buttons were removed on purpose because Swipe was added. So it’s not a “problem” per se, just something you would like back.

Either way the discussion should be kept in ONE thread and not a new one opened, that’s basic forum “etiquette” so as not to create useless clutter. :wink:

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“… useless clutter…”

Your replies are the only useless clutter I see here. If you can’t help, or simply don’t want to, there is no reason for you to reply.

Incidentally, consider for a moment that what works for you might not work for others. No one (as far as I know) is asking for you to be deprived of what works for you. Consider for a moment that, oh, let’s say someone with hand tremors (which, as it happens, I have) might find it LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to use swiping with the same ease you do.

Consider for a moment that you are fighting to make life harder for people you don’t even know.

Consider for a moment that you could, instead, choose to help make life easier. You could say, for example, “Having buttons be an option would hurt no one, deprive no one else of functionality, and would be helpful to people who, for whatever reason, find swiping unusable”.

What would it cost you to say that?

I’m not the dev, I don’t care about those buttons one way or another and am fine with or without them. I NEVER said anything about NOT wanting those buttons btw!

I was merely pointing out that a thread already exists to discuss that, so creating an extra one was adding clutter.