Next/Previous Buttons Disappeared

The arrow buttons for next or previous emails within an email have disappeared. This means that to read the next email you have to hit the back button, go to the email list and select it. Very clunky and so annoying it’s getting to be a deal breaker. Can we have the buttons back please.

The buttons have been removed because you can now swipe to get to the next message

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OK that works well, thanks. Don’t recall seeing it in the release notes though which would have helped.

I guess this is true in Beta only, right?

Clearly I’m going blind or senile, probably both!

Nah. It is the phrasing of the release notes…

This does not trigger “swiping replaces the buttons” in my understanding. @cketti could have made this more clear with proper phrasing of the release notes.

While the swipe to go from message to message is OK, it does NOT always work. Many messages won’t swipe, and i have to go back to the message list.
I really prefer the carrots <> to change to the next or prior message. They had the advantage of showing if the emails is read or not.
The swipes are very dangerously preset to activities other than next or back. This should be in large letters in the change documentation.
Also, im very dissapointed that i STILL cant use gmail in pop.

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Even if the messages are zoomed in or similar, you should always be able to swipe on the message header.

Huh, how did they show if emails are read or not?

Swipe: the ones that won’t swipe are wide, and don’t wrap correctly. These will not swipe using the headder.
I can’t help it if the sender doesn’t wrap text correctly.
I can’t “shrink to fit” these messages, because the type gets tiny.

The <> indicators were grey if the next message was read in that direction, and were bold black if it was unread. They still went to the message if it was read.
Still gonna use the app - just less easy to use.


They were grey if there was no additional message in that direction, not if the next message was unread.

Still very useful.
Oh well. Miss those.

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The swipe doesn’t work consistently without "shrink to fit " but you can always two-finger expand any message you can’t read. I can’t figure out what the goal was in removing the arrows, it just doesn’t make any sense.

May we PLEASE have these buttons back? At least as an OPTION?

(If they already are, please tell me how to enable them.)

Thank you.